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Meal Plans

Last updated on Jul 14, 2021

Tiered meal plans are offered each term to meet the diverse needs of our community.

  • For San Francisco on campus residents, a meal plan is required (see chart below)
  • All residents may upgrade to a higher plan if desired (see upgrade process below)
  • Plans are declining balance and have a direct dollar for dollar transaction value
  • Participants may spend their balance for hot meals, coffee bar, grab and go and convenience items
  • Qualified purchases with student meal plans are not subject to tax, saving you money on your food expense during your time at CCA. These purchases include "food products" only, as further defined in Meal Plan FAQs
  • Our staff help educate students on how to budget their spending

Rates: 2021-2022 Academic Year


Cost, Term

Cost, Academic Year






Optional upgrade open to anyone

For students with larger appetites, who plan to eat multiple meals a day plus frequent snacks, beverages and convenience to-go items.




Required for all Founders Hall residents on floors 1-4.

For our required residential students with an average appetite, who will also purchase snacks, to-go and convenience items




Required for all 5th Floor Residents of Founders and all Blattner Hall residents

A lower level plan for students who cook their own meals about half the time




Commuter Students Only

Recommended for students living off campus who will eat and snack on campus frequently




Commuter Students Only

Recommended for students living off campus who will eat on campus occaisionally

Upgrades (for Residential Students) and Commuter Plan Purchase Instructions

If you are assigned to a unit in either Founders or Blattner Hall, you will be auto-enrolled in the required plan noted in the chart above. Please ensure that you read the terms of the meal plan policy. Residents may select an upgrade to their meal plan by submitting a request in Workday by the following dates:

  • Fall Term: between July 10 and August 15
  • Spring Term: between December 1 and December 15

Residents will need to upgrade each term (an upgrade request submitted for Fall does not automatically apply to Spring.)

Any student living off campus may also purchase a meal plan during the timeframes listed above and following the same instructions below.


  1. Login in to Workday with your CCA credentials
  2. Type in the search bar "Create Request"
  3. Then search for "Meal Plan Purchase" and select the form
  4. Complete the steps to make your selection
  5. Once your request is approved, the plan price will be charged to your student account within 3-4 business days
  6. Note that adjustments cannot be made after the submission deadline
  7. See meal plan policy for further details


Questions about meal plans?

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