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Makers Cafe & CCA Meal Plans

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The new Makers Cafe, opening in Fall 2020, is designed to accommodate the wide-ranging needs of our diverse campus community and neighbors. Bon Appétit Management Company is recognized as an industry leader in environmentally and socially responsible practices, and for cooking made-from-scratch menu items with seasonal ingredients from local food growers. Enjoy seasonal menus and daily specials made with local and organic ingredients when possible, made-to-order hot and cold items, and fresh coffee and espresso from a full-service counter. An adjacent convenience store will keep hours for late-night needs.

Save Money with a Meal Plan

For residence halls where a meal plan is required, students will be automatically enrolled in the baseline meal plan listed below. All students have the options to upgrade to a higher meal plan if desired. All meal plans are declining balance and have a direct dollar for dollar cash value. CCA and Bon Appétit staff will help educate students on how to budget their spending. Meal plan participants will be able to spend their balance in the cafe and adjacent convenience store. Qualified purchases* with student meal plans are not subject to tax, saving you money on your food expense during your time at CCA.


Cost, Academic Year






For students with larger appetites, who plan to eat multiple meals a day plus frequent snacks, beverages and convenience to-go items.



Required for all first and second years, and for all units at Founders Hall that do not have a kitchen.

The Essential plan is just that, essential. Priced appropriately for students with an average appetite and who will also purchase occasional snacks, to-go and convenience items.



Required for all students in units at Founders Hall that have a kitchen, and all residents of Blattner Hall. Also highly recommended for residents of Panoramic.

A lower level plan for students who cook their own meals 50% or more of the time.




Recommended for students living off campus, or at Panoramic, who prefer to cook their own meals frequently and eat on campus occasionally.




Recommended for students living off campus, who prepare their own meals and eat on campus only 1-2 times per week, or enjoy coffee/tea and snacks only.

*Qualified purchases include "food products" only, as further defined in Meal Plan FAQs.


CCA and Bon Appétit share a deep commitment to sustainability, and believe in food service for a sustainable future. Bon Appétit was the first food service company to advocate for farmworkers’ rights, switch to cage-free eggs, strive to serve only sustainable seafood, and many other initiatives that aimed to tackle food’s role in climate change and pioneer environmentally sound sourcing policies. Learn more about Bon Appétit's collaboration with environmental nonprofit NRDC to understand causes of edible plate waste in food service environments and their commitment to seek solutions.

Together CCA and Bon Appétit are developing a robust operations plan that ensures CCA's food program is as sustainable as possible. Sustainability is defined as; Flavorful food that's healthy and economically viable for all, produced through practices that respect farmers, workers, and animals; nourish the community; and replenish our shared natural resources for future generations.

Committed to Well Being

Bon Appétit's Well-Being Commitments {WBCs) embrace whole foods first, as the foundation of a healthful diet and are an outline of how to achieve the nutrition promises they make in their food standards. Their primary focus is on providing meals centered on abundant fresh produce, whole grains, and lean and plant-based proteins, prepared with minimal amounts of healthy, plant-derived fats. The Bon Appétit nutrition team also commits to keeping up to date on changing nutrition science and trends that affect our guests and business.

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Questions about meal plans?

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