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When you are traveling during break, and away from the residential halls

Last updated on Dec 09, 2022

Important reminders for all residential students:

When you are away from the residential hall for long periods of time (i.e., Winter Break or Spring Break) you will need to address the following in your unit:

  • This is a great time to clean your unit prior to leaving!
  • If you have an approved ESA or Service Animal, please take them with you
  • If you have any indoor plants, please take them with you when you are away from the unit during school breaks
  • Take out the trash!
    • Garbage / compost / recycling bins should be cleared out to ensure no bug infestation
    • Any large bulky items should be disposed outside in the debris bin by your assigned building
      • Founders:
        • The Founder's location is the tan trash bin labeled TRASH at the curb on the north side of the building (Channel street)
        • These bins are here year round as they are utilized for 1st-floor residents and where Recology picks up trash during the week.
      • Blattner:
        • The Blattner residents will need to bring items down to the front desk and REC or maintenance can open the trash room and dispose of the bulky items in the trash room.
    • Any perishable items in fridge or unit need to be discarded
  • Save Energy!
    • Unplug all outlets (besides your mini-fridge)
    • Turn off all lights / water
    • Ensure your windows are shut and your thermostat is OFF
  • Ensure your door closes shut when you leave
  • Check to make sure you have your CCA student ID with you
  • Access your Luxer One account to hold packages while you are away or send them to your current location during break