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Campus Policies

Last updated on Sep 21, 2023

Alcohol Policy

CCA believes that alcoholic beverages are not part of the teaching and learning process, and that it is inappropriate to serve or consume alcoholic beverages as part of an official class or studio activity.

CCA organizations will observe all State of California restrictions on the possession, sales, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

No alcoholic beverages may be served to those who cannot verify that they are at least 21 years old or to anyone whose judgment or physical performance has already been affected by alcohol consumption.

Alcoholic beverages may be served at college events that are sponsored by an academic program or department, or both, in accordance with the following conditions:

A Request to Serve Alcohol form (wine and beer only) must be submitted at the same time of the event space request. Requests must be submitted and approved by Public Safety at least two weeks prior to the event, and a signed copy of the form must be available at the event.

Guidelines for requesting alcohol service on-campus »

  • Alcohol may not be served or consumed by anyone under age 21 at the event, and a sign regarding drinking-age requirements must be posted and a person designated to monitor compliance with these regulations.
  • Nonalcoholic refreshments and a substantial amount of food must also be made available.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be sold on campus nor may admission be charged for events where alcohol is to be served unless appropriate license is obtained according to regulations published by the State Alcoholic Beverages Control Department.
  • Individuals may not bring alcoholic beverages onto campus for their private consumption.

Undergraduate students coordinating and exhibiting work through the Exhibition Program are not permitted to provide or consume alcohol at their openings, regardless of age.

All openings will be monitored, and students found drinking at these events will be subject to disciplinary action.

Members of the CCA community, including students, alums, staff and faculty, may not have full or empty containers of alcohol in their studios, classrooms, offices or any other spaces owned, leased or used by the college.

Any containers that are found will be confiscated, and the individual may face disciplinary action.

Students will face disciplinary action as outlined in the Code of Conduct that may include loss of the studio.

Faculty and staff will face disciplinary action as outlined in the Employee Handbook.

Other sanctions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, & Skating

Please use appropriate locking systems when using both indoor and outdoor bike racks. Please refer to Safe Bike Registry to globally register your bike. Bicycle or scooter riding and skateboarding within the campus is prohibited. Please walk your bicycle to the designated storage and parking area. Other devices such as scooters and/or skateboards need to be folded and or carried to avoid injury to yourself or others in the CCA Community.

Riding a bike, scooters, skateboards, and skating or rollerblading is prohibited within any campus owned or operated space due to safety hazards and concerns. Bicycles and scooters may not be parked in alternative spaces such as work place, studio spaces, or classrooms as this could present a hazard in an emergency or issues with accessibility and egress.

We encourage all bike, scooter, skateboard and skate users to review Biking Portal Page for full policy details and information about bike, scooter, and skateboard safety.

Bicycles locked to handicapped access ramps or stairways on either campus may be damaged and will be removed. Such conduct by non-CCA-affiliated persons is a form of trespassing and by CCA-affiliated persons is subject to disciplinary action.

Campus Appearance

The entire college community takes an active interest in conserving the appearance of each campus. While facilities crews clean and repair campus facilities, all members of the community share responsibility for the order and safety of the campuses. All students, faculty, and staff members are expected to help keep each campus functioning well by picking up after themselves and reporting damage—particularly all dangerous occurrences—to facilities management.

Locker Rentals

CCA offers campus lockers to CCA students to lessen the burden of transporting materials between campus and home. Lockers are available in different sizes throughout the Main Building for the full academic year.

New for 2023-2024: All student-use lockers can be reserved through CCA's Webcheckout Patron Portal. For updates about locker checkout policies and procedures, please visit Locker Checkout.

Questions? Please email

Lost & Found

All items that are found on campus should be directed to the Public Safety Office on either campus. With proper identification, the owner may reclaim them. Items are kept until the end of the term during which they were found.


With the exception of service animals, dogs and other animals are not permitted on either campus at any time. Bringing a non-service animal onto campus by non-CCA-affiliated persons is a form of trespassing and by CCA-affiliated persons is subject to disciplinary action.

Photo ID Requirement

All students must wear a current CCA photo identification card at all times when on campus. A current CCA photo ID card is required to enter the San Francisco campus and to board the intercampus shuttle.

All student ID issues (including updating stickers) are handled Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Public Safety Offices on either campus.

Important: The first photo ID card is free to new students; a replacement card costs $10. Chains and lanyards for photo ID cards can be obtained at both Public Safety Offices.

Students must obtain a sticker to validate their photo ID card for each semester of enrollment. Validation stickers can be obtained at the Public Safety desk.

Recycling Program

In an effort to raise awareness of issues surrounding the creation and disposal of commercial products and containers, the students at CCA have initiated a cooperative recycling program. Bins are located on both campuses for the recycling of cans, bottles, and paper. All members of the college community are encouraged to join in this effort.


Smoking is not allowed on either campus except for the designated smoking area. While smoking is lawful on city sidewalks, be courteous to those who are coming to and leaving from either campus by smoking away from the main entrances.

The designated smoking area on the SF campus is 25 feet from the exit doors.