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Add, Drop and Withdrawal

Last updated on Nov 14, 2023


The online add/drop period begins with priority registration and lasts through the second week of the semester. To view the registration dates for the upcoming term, see the Academic Calendar.

During the add/drop period, students can add courses with open seats in Workday. Students can also drop courses in Workday by navigating to their schedule and clicking the “Drop” button.

See also Attendance Policy »

Students are advised to check their registration online in Workday and to check with their instructors before the end of the first week of the term to verify that their names are on all appropriate course rosters.

Students who discover that their names are missing from a course roster, or that they are still showing as registered for a class they are not attending, must adjust their registration in Workday, or visit the Student Records Office, before the end of the drop period if they wish to be officially enrolled in, or dropped from, the course. (See Academic Calendar for semester deadlines.)

The summer term follows a different schedule, depending on the number of meetings per course. Please refer to the summer schedule of courses for details. CCA summer study abroad courses often have earlier registration, refund, and withdrawal deadlines.

Students will be charged a $200 fee for a late registration after the drop period.

Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to add a course after the final meeting, even with a letter of support from the instructor.


If a course section is closed or has reached its maximum capacity, students may have the opportunity to add themselves on to a waitlist for that course section. Not all course sections have a waitlist option. When a student who is currently registered for the course section drops, a seat becomes available and is offered to the first student on the waitlist. Once a seat becomes available in a waitlisted course section, the first student on the waitlist will receive an email notification in their CCA email and in their Workday inbox. The student will have the option to register for that open seat or drop it via the Workday notification. If after 24hrs the student has not enrolled or dropped the class, the registration notification will move on to the next student on the list.

For further information on Waitlisting policies, please see the Waitlist Portal page.

Accessing Student Schedules

Students can download their official schedule from Workday. In most cases schedules can only be altered by the students themselves.

The few exceptions to this policy are when a student has been dropped from all courses for nonpayment of fees, has enrolled in a course that was later canceled, or has been dropped from a course for one of the reasons stated in the Enrollment Monitoring section

Instructors cannot drop or withdraw students from courses, even if the student has never attended the course. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Student Records Office of any changes in their schedule.

Withdrawing from One or More Courses (But Not All)

The withdrawal period is from the third week of the term through the tenth week of the term. During this time period, a student may withdraw from a course in Workday, or by visiting the Student Services Office on campus.

The grade of W will be assigned to the withdrawn course(s) on the student's transcript , and the student will not receive a tuition refund.

Withdrawing from a course after the add/drop period could result in a change from full-time to part-time status, if the student’s total number of active units remaining is fewer than 12.

For instance, if a student is registered in 12 units and withdraws from a 3-unit course, that student is considered a part-time student.

Such a change in status will affect:

-enrollment verification requests (typically needed for Good Student Driver discounts, private insurance coverage, and loan deferments) submitted to the Student Records Office after the close of the add/drop period.

-eligibility to remain enrolled in the CCA Student Health Insurance Plan. Please contact for further information.

-immigration status for students with F1 visas.

See Tuition Refunds & Credits »

Students who fail to notify the college of their intent to withdraw are held responsible for all tuition and fees owed to the college and will not be eligible for any refunds or credits.

Failure to attend classes or verbal announcement of the intent to withdraw does not constitute official notification.

Students who are considering withdrawing from one or more courses (or have questions about how to make the decision to withdraw) should consult with their advisor.

A student’s eligibility to remain in CCA residential housing will not be affected if the change in status (from full-time to part-time status) occurs as a result of withdrawal from one or more courses.

Withdrawing from All Courses

Students who wish to withdraw from all courses for the purposes of a Leave-of-Absence (LOA) or College Withdrawal during the withdrawal period are required to complete and submit the SRO_Request_for_LOA_or_Withdrawal form to the Student Records Office.

If a student withdraws from all courses during the semester, that student may be eligible for a partial tuition credit or be subject to the Title IV Return of Funds Policy.

See Residential Life »

Students who drop or withdraw from all courses and are also interested in taking a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the college should consult the Leave of Absence & Withdrawal Policies section of the Student Handbook.