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Last updated on Oct 03, 2023

Continuing students are eligible to register during priority registration periods or the add/drop period. All continuing students will be assigned a specific time and make-up time to register for classes online during the priority registration period. Students may also register during the online add/drop period, but this is discouraged due to limited course availability.

Students cannot register for classes after the add/drop deadline (See Add/Drop/Withdrawal for details).

Online registration via Workday is available during the initial assigned registration period and during the online add/drop period; students registering after this period (on a case by case basis) must submit their request to the Student Records Office.

Registration Agreement

By participating in registration via meetings, email, phone, and/or online, you confirm your intent to enroll at California College of the Arts (CCA). You agree to be registered in courses and to satisfy student obligations (financial and otherwise) as stated in the CCA Student Handbook and on Portal (occasionally revised by the College and as interpreted by College officers). You agree to pay amounts due, stated here and in any later billings and/or statements. See Tuition + Fees for more information. You are responsible for reviewing your class schedule, academic progress, and academic plan, making any necessary changes during Open Registration and/or Add/Drop, notifying the college of any questions or concerns in a timely manner. You are also responsible for dropping or withdrawing from courses you do not intend to remain in by the stated deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

Registration for Continuing Students

Registration for the upcoming semester occurs online for three weeks. Students are assigned appointments based on units completed within their class level. All continuing students will receive their registration appointment time via their CCA email address in mid October and at the beginning of March. Students can also view their registration times via Workday.

To view the breakdown of registration dates for the upcoming term (see Student Records for details).

In addition to the assigned online registration period for each upcoming term there is an open online registration period available to all students for one week after the assigned registration period has ended.

New Student Registration

Incoming degree-seeking students are encouraged to participate in the early registration process, which takes place in June for the fall term and in December for the spring term (more information on new student registration can be found here). New students also have an opportunity to register or make adjustments to their registration during New Student Orientation.

Continuing students are ineligible to register or adjust their schedules during New Student Registration sessions during orientation.

Registration Periods for Nondegree Students

Members of the community do not need to be admitted as degree-seeking students in order to take courses at CCA. However, applicants who have been denied admission to the college and wish to enroll as non-degree students must have the prior approval of the college. Such requests must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office.

Non-degree students should contact the Student Records Office via email for inquiries. Non-degree students can be added to courses during the first week of each semester. Course sections must have open seats in order to be added to the course.

Non-degree students should be prepared to document relevant educational and/or professional experience for courses that have prerequisites, and to provide evidence of technical competence on equipment when appropriate. Course registration will be on a space-available basis.

Because popular courses often fill early, non-degree students are advised to be prepared with alternative selections.
Non-degree courses earn college credit and are charged per the degree program tuition and fee schedule. Non-degree courses must be paid for in full at the time of registration.

CCA is not authorized to issue Certificates of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Students (F-1) or Exchange Visitor Status (J-1) to students enrolled solely in part time non-degree coursework, including CCA Extension.

Unit Overload

Undergraduate student enrollment is normally limited to 18 units in the fall and spring semesters. Enrollment in more than 18 units for fall and spring or more than 9 units for summer requires the student obtain written permission from the Registrar for the overload.

Enrollment in more than 18 units is extremely rare and requires additional tuition charges.