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Declaration of Major

Last updated on Oct 26, 2023

Upon matriculation at CCA, students are asked either to declare their major or to designate themselves as undecided majors.

Students who enter CCA as undecided majors are advised to declare a major before the second semester of their sophomore year if they wish to avoid spending additional semesters satisfying the requirements of their chosen major.

Students who have not declared their majors at the completion of 45 units will have their registration blocked by the Student Records Office until they complete the declaration process.

Declaration or Change of Major

Students can declare a major or change their major by submitting the Declaration of Change of Major form to the Student Records Office. Students who wish to change their major must meet with an advisor prior to submitting the form to assess the anticipated impact on their academic plan and progress toward degree completion. Undergraduate students can visit this page to book an appointment with their current advisor: Advising and Planning Appointments. Graduate students should contact their current program manager or senior manager of academic programs.

Upon declaring or changing majors, students will get an updated advisor assignment from their new major. Students should then contact their new advisor to set up an introductory meeting and secure they are included on all appropriate email lists for program updates, workshops, and events.

Students considering a change of major are advised to complete this process as early as possible in that their advisor may be changed and their Degree Audit adjusted to reflect their current degree requirements.

Double Majors

Students may graduate with a double major by completing all major requirements in two programs, with no single course counting for two different major requirements. Double majors may be from any of the major areas offered by the college, except the Individualized Program, Architecture, Writing and Literature, and History of Art and Visual Culture, and will always be applied toward the bachelor of fine arts degree.

Students state their intent to pursue a double major on the Declaration of Double Major form available in Student Records and Advising offices. Declaration of Double Major must be submitted by the beginning of the second semester of the junior year. No late applications will be accepted.

The student must meet with an advisor and chair from each major program and submit the fully approved Declaration of Double Major form to Student Records in order to complete the process.