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Performance Improvement Plan

Last updated on Aug 02, 2019

The college expects all employees to act in a way that is appropriate for a work setting. Acceptable professional behavior is courteous and safe, and it protects the rights and property of others. In addition to meeting acceptable standards of conduct, employees are expected to meet acceptable job performance standards….

- CCA Staff Handbook

In the event that an employee’s conduct and/or performance is in question, it’s important for the manager and employee to work together to successfully bring those items into alignment with CCA expectations. The Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is a tool used to foster this change. It offers a roadmap to analyze job behaviors and performance and to construct a strategy to improve particular behaviors and/or skill sets. It is most helpful to those who may be struggling within their job duties, and need the additional support from their manager to be successful.

Use the linked icons below to view detailed instructions for completing the form, section by section.

Step 1: Contact Human Resources

If you, as a manager, are considering a PIP for an employee, please contact Human Resources first to discuss and coordinate the process so that it is in line with CCA policies and practices.

Step 2: Completing the PIP form in Workday

At the agreed upon time, HR will launch the Performance Improvement Plan. The task will go to the manager’s Workday Inbox.

Step 3: Approvals

After submission, the PIP form will go through the management approval chain and also be reviewed by the HR Lead.

Step 4: Meet with the Employee

After the management chain approvals have been completed, the manager will need to meet with the employee to review the performance improvement plan. HR should be present for this meeting.

Step 5: Employee & Manager Acknowledgement

After the manager and employee have met to discuss the PIP, both the manager and employee will receive a task in their Workday Inbox to sign off and acknowledge the contents of the form.

Step 6: Accessing the Review After the Meeting

A copy of the review can be found by selecting Talent > View Employee Reviews from the related actions button next to the employee name.