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My Portal Profile: Privacy Settings for Alumni

Last updated on Aug 23, 2021

As a CCA alum, you have access to a customizable profile that displays in the Alumni Directory.

Already have a CCA alumni account? You’ll be able to log into the Portal to access the Alumni Directory to view and update your profile.

Don’t have a CCA alumni account? You can create one here.

If you wish to be removed from the Alumni Directory, please contact the
Alumni Association.

Where to find your profile

Once you’ve logged in to Portal, click the image or avatar in the upper-right corner of the screen to view your profile.*

You can also view your profile by clicking on your listing in the Alumni Directory.

Once you are in your profile, click the Edit Profile button to make updates. When you are satisfied with any changes made, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save Changes.

*Alumni who are also current CCA faculty or staff will be prompted to select a profile based on role. Read up on privacy settings for faculty and staff profiles here.

New Alumni Gallery Feature

Alumni now also have access to a profile gallery feature, to which they can upload their work. Read all about this feature here.

Profile visibility

The CCA Alumni Directory is visible only to logged-in alumni and select CCA faculty and staff. Students, guest users, and most faculty and staff will not be able to view the Alumni Directory or access your profile.

For the most part, information on your profile is visible/searchable by others with access to the Alumni Directory. Read below to learn about what data is loaded into your profile automatically and what information you can hide and/or edit.

Prefilled profile information

Some information on your profile is loaded in automatically, though it may not be up-to-date. Fields are prefilled according to what is currently on file with the Alumni Association.


CCA may have some or all of the information below on file, which will be loaded into your profile by default.

  • Name - Defaults to the legal or preferred name on file with the Alumni Association (until changed)
  • Nickname - If specified, a nickname on file
  • Previous Surname - If applicable, your former last name or maiden name on file, distinct from the surname used in the Name field


CCA may have all, some, or none of the information below on file:

  • Program(s) and/or Degree(s)
  • Year(s) - When you graduated from or last attended CCA
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Location (City, Country, State)
  • Avatar - A generic image appears by default if you don’t have a photo on file (see instructions to update your profile avatar here)


Of these fields, you can edit your Name, Phone, Email, and Avatar from the profile editor.

Fill out this form or contact the Alumni Association to update Location, Year(s), or Program(s)/Degree(s).

Updating your name


If you are changing your legal name for any reason, including as a result of marriage, please contact Once any changes are processed by the Alumni Association, the updated information will be loaded into your alumni profile the following day.

Please do not use the Preferred Name fields for legal name changes (read more below).


A "preferred name" is whatever name you generally like to go by. It does not have to match your legal name.

You may set a preferred name using the Preferred First Name and/or Preferred Last Name fields in the profile editor (no documentation required). Doing so will update your name as it appears in your Portal profile and directory listings.


If you utilize either the Preferred First Name or Preferred Last Name fields, none of the historical name data associated with your account will display in Portal.

However, if you would still like to be found by your former name(s) in directory searches, you may indicate this using a checkbox.

If you choose to hide historical name data, your profile will not appear in directory searches using any of those terms.


Your CCA username (the part of your email that precedes forms the last part of your profile’s URL, as in

This will not update alongside changes made to your preferred name in Portal or your legal name with the Alumni Association. If you wish to change your CCA username, which includes altering your CCA email and your alumni profile URL, open a ticket with the Technology Services Help Desk.

Other privacy controls

Most information on your profile will be visible to other CCA alumni and select faculty and staff, though you have control over the visibility/searchability of a few fields.

Besides historical name data (covered above), you also have control over whether to show or hide your Email and Phone.

If you wish to be removed from the Alumni Directory, please contact the Alumni Association.

Processing your profile edits

Changes made to editable fields or privacy settings will be visible/effective immediately upon saving your profile.

The Alumni Association is notified when you make changes to your Phone, Email, and Preferred Name in order to ensure their records are also updated.

Additional questions and feedback

For questions about editing your Portal profile, please open a Help Desk ticket. For updates to information that you cannot edit in Portal, fill out this form or contact the Alumni Association.

We want to know what you think of your Portal profile! Send us your feedback here.