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Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

Last updated on Oct 06, 2020

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Interior design students are encouraged to consider one of the Undergraduate Minors available to all CCA students, including:

  • Computational Practices
  • Ecological Practice
  • Social Practice and Community Engagement (SPACE)
  • History of Art and Visual Culture (formerly Visual Studies)
  • Writing and Literature

Undergraduate Minor requirements typically replace existing studio elective and humanities requirements, and typically do not add additional time to graduation. Contact your Academic Advisor if you have questions about adding a minor to your academic plan.

Interior Design Learning Outcomes

NASAD standards
Provide academic preparation for the professional interior designer, as defined by the standards of NASAD Interior Design Standards

Global historical perspective
Students understand the history of the interior environment from a global perspective

Lighting and Building Technology
Students have a robust foundational knowledge of Integrated Building Systems, especially for lighting and building technology

Design Media
Students achieve elevated expertise in visual design media, including sketching, digital rendering and generative design techniques

Material Knowledge:
Students have the knowledge and technical ability to specify materials based on aesthetics and performance, and know how to work with materials and material processes, including traditional manufacturing and digital fabrication

Diverse International Professionalism
Students are prepared for international design leadership in a culturally and economically diverse and rapidly-growing profession

Sustainability and Ecological Impact
Students are knowledgeable of material behaviors and the configuration of assemblies that affect performance of interior systems and applications including aspects of durability, habitability and sustainability

Scholarly Research
Students are capable of utilizing a scholarly methodology based in visual studies for “reading the interior” as it relates to culture and habitation

CCA College-wide Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

California College of the Arts educates students to shape culture through the practice and critical study of design, architecture, fine arts, and writing.

Through coursework rooted in the many facets of a studio practice, a rigorous general education curriculum, and enriching co-curricular experiences, students prepare for a lifetime creating work that matters.

This preparation culminates in graduates whose creative practices demonstrate the perceptual acuity, conceptual understanding, and technical facility sufficient for them to begin work on a professional level.

See the college-wide learning outcomes here.