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Game Arts Lab 252

Last updated on Sep 26, 2023

Open hours are as follows:

Monday: 6am - 11:30am & 10:30pm - 12am
Tuesday: 6am - 11:30am & 10:30pm - 12am
Wednesday: 6am - 3:30pm & 7:30pm - 12am
Thursday: 6am - 11:30am & 10:30pm - 12am
Friday: 6am - 11:30am & 10:30pm - 12am
Weekend: 6am - 12am

*opening and closing times are determined by open building hours and may be subject to change throughout the semester*

2nd Floor
Main Building

This lab is open to students who are currently enrolled in a Game Arts class or are Game Arts majors.
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Jessica Vazquez

4D Studio Operations Manager, Studio Operations

About the Game Arts Lab 252

The Game Arts Lab 252 is the main PC lab for the Game Arts program.



There are currently no orientations for this room. It is only available to Game Arts students or Majors.