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Student Success Guide: Dismissal Status Next Steps

Last updated on Jul 05, 2023

Reflect, Reassess, Resume

This guide serves to connect students with dismissal status to resources and opportunities that will support their educational path, whether exploring next steps at another institution or submitting a petition for possible reinstatement to CCA. Every day is a new day to learn and we recognize that educational paths differ for everyone, some include unanticipated shifts in direction. We are here to support you on your continued pursuit of learning.

NOTE: For important details, please thoroughly review Academic Suspension & Dismissal: Undergrads in the CCA Student Handbook.

ATTENTION: Please note that graduate dismissal is final. Graduate students, please refer to emails from the Academic Review Committee and contact your program manager and chair and for specific information and instructions individual to you about academic suspension and conditions for return.

Recommendations for Next Steps for Undergraduate Students

Here are some recommendations that you can take into consideration as you determine next steps, especially if preparing to petition for reinstatement at CCA:

  • Explore courses at another college or university.
    • Take courses at community colleges or other universities to explore interests and refine educational and professional focus, while also working on remaining degree requirements, such as studio electives and humanities & science courses. Improved grades and academic credit earned can also help demonstrate your commitment to your education and progress. Search for a nearby college or university that fits your needs in terms of location, finances, interests, etc.
    • Consult with Academic Advising if you need support with understanding degree requirements/academic progress and/or transfer credit process, if applicable.
    • Submit the Transfer Credit Approval Request via email to Student Records prior to registering for a course you intend to transfer, email
    • NOTE: The Transfer Credit Maximum remains the same for students who are dismissed and approved for reinstatement. Dismissed students can submit a Policy Review Petition request if they are looking for an exception to this policy.
  • Consider attaining full-time volunteer or work experience.
    • Opportunities may include any work experience, full or part-time, as well as volunteer work engaged in contributing to communities and developing your skills, or specialized work focused on art/design/architecture/writing at museums, apprenticeships, or residencies, etc.
    • Career Development is here to provide you with guidance and support as you search for opportunities. Students with dismissal status are eligible to access their services, see Career Development's Use of Service and Eligibility Statement & Guidelines for details.
  • Reflect and Reassess.
    • Seek support in writing about your relevant experience and creative pursuits with guidance from Learning Resources professionals.
    • Students with dismissal status are eligible to work with a coach on a specific project as part of their return to CCA, see Learning Resource's Quick Facts about Academic Coaching for details.
  • Stay in contact with professors, staff, and students.

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures Reminders

  • Please review the Student Handbook policy regarding Academic Progress for Undergraduate Students.
  • Visit Student Records Forms page and select Reinstatement petition for Undergraduate Students form and carefully review instructions.
    • Thoughtfully complete all steps and then submit form and petition to the Student Records Office.
    • Reinstatement petitions must be received by the first business day in March for the Fall semester and the first business day in October for the Spring semester.
    • Reminder: If you attended any other educational institutions during your absence from CCA, please attach transcripts to this form. Official transcripts must be sent to the Student Records Office prior to the end of your first semester of your return. Credit will usually be given for classes taken outside CCA only when these classes were pre-approved according to CCA’s published procedures.