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Last updated on Nov 14, 2023

Access / Disability Services encourages you to schedule a meeting via Zoom or phone for your convenience. In-person appointments are also available. Please schedule a meeting with us!

What is Zoom?

Please contact if you have difficulty scheduling a meeting or request a meeting time/location that works for you.

Confidentiality Statement

Access / Disability Services appointments are held in private but are not confidential. CCA offers free Counseling Services for current students if you wish to schedule a confidential meeting with a counselor. See Counseling Services.

Fall 2023 Appointment Schedule

In-Person Appointments Available

Zoom or Phone Appointments



Marcos, Marlaina



Marcos, Preston



Preston, Marlaina


Marcos, Preston



Marcos, Preston, Marlaina

Access / Disability Services Team

Select a team member below to view their calendar or contact information and schedule an appointment.

The table below describes the types of support offered by our team:

Team Member can meet regarding:

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Academic Accommodations

more info

Faculty/Staff/Student Consultations

faculty guide

ESA / SA Registration

more info

Housing & Meal Plan Accommodations

more info

Reduced Course Load

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How to prepare for your meeting:

  • Consider experiences that have substantially limited your daily living activities as a result of your disability.
  • Reflect on how your disability impacts your educational environment (class, studios, homework, etc.)
  • Articulate the barriers that might prevent you from accessing the learning objectives at CCA.

In-Person Meeting Reminders

FERPA Release of Information

CCA protects students' privacy and adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. If you wish to provide third-party access to information related to your meetings with Disability Services, please visit the following page for information and instructions on completing the Student Affairs FERPA Release Authorization.

A FERPA authorization is required in case you would like a third party to join a meeting with Disability Services.