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Last updated on Nov 12, 2021

Division of Student Affairs

Career Development

Career Development prepares students to navigate the requirements for success in a rapidly shifting world of work by assisting them in defining their personal career success, acquiring the skills to remain competitive in an ever-evolving job market, building strong professional connections, and developing entrepreneurial strategies for developing their own business/practice. Our team provides online career coaching for students and alumni by appointment or pre-selected drop-in hours.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is committed to the personal development and professional advancement of students engaged in an arts-based educational environment fostering creativity, curiosity, and diversity. Counseling Services encourages student success and well-being by providing a broad spectrum of mental health services, including individual and couples therapy, crisis intervention, consultation, referral, workshops on mental health topics, and outreach.

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students provides assistance, intervention, prevention, and referral services to the college community. The office also serves as an advocate for students while challenging students to develop personal responsibility, practice ethical decision-making, and seek social justice as they grow into creative citizens.

- We address general student concerns and grievances by providing advocacy, support, and mediation.
- We engage students with the care and support needed during difficult and challenging personal and academic circumstances.
- We ensure students’ rights, safety, and well-being through education and adjudication.
- We oversee all services for students with disabilities.
- We assist students with navigating health care access and insurance waiver information.
- We provide accommodations to enable full access to physical, curricular, or informational environments.

International Student Affairs & Programs (ISAP)

International Student Affairs & Programs (ISAP) provides services to help international students understand federal immigration regulations, manage cultural transitions, and develop the international community at the college.

Learning Resources

Everyone learns differently. Learning Resources helps CCA students connect to the people, tools, and techniques that can help them learn best. Coaches provide individual attention and guided inquiry to help students enrich their knowledge and communicate their creative vision.

Our mission is to (1) generate and apply knowledge about curricular and co-curricular learning; (2) provide academic assistance while guiding students toward independence and self-advocacy; and (3) support faculty and staff as critically reflective educators.

Residential Education

The mission of Residential Education at CCA is to support the college’s and the Division of Student Affairs’ missions by creating a vibrant living environment that encourages mutual respect, celebrates global diversity, fosters student connections within and outside of the department, and enhances the educational experience of our students by promoting personal growth and development of the creative citizen in our residential communities.

Student Life

The Office of Student Life fosters a culture in which students are the makers of their own learning experiences. We engage students to develop personally, socially, and intellectually to become creative citizens. In collaboration with students, the professional staff supports the students’ academic journey through the following co-curricular programming: new student orientation, student activities, student organizations, leadership development, and commencement.

Student Success

The Office of Student Success provides students with personalized guidance and connects them with resources, community, and strategies to support their creative path. We explore and celebrate the unique experiences and talents each student brings to our community, which is the foundation of their success. We are here to help!