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Meal Plan FAQs

Required Meal Plans

Who is required to have a meal plan?

A meal plan is required for all residents of Founders Hall and Blattner Hall. For Founders, the baseline requirement is either Essential or Makers, dependent upon the type of unit you reside in and if it has a kitchenette. At Blattner Hall, all residents will be auto-enrolled in the Makers plan, but may also purchase a higher level plan if desired.

Why is there a meal plan required at Blattner Hall?

Based on student survey data conducted in Spring 2019, 87% of students who responded, living in Blattner Hall, expressed interest in having a meal plan on campus with the hope for access to convenient, affordable and healthy meals. This data combined with the savings of tax-free meal plans, and the data showing how many meals were already being purchased on or near campus by Blattner Hall residents provided the College with the proper information to structure the meal plans accordingly.

Can I request an exemption from the meal plan requirement in Founders and Blattner Hall?

A reduction in, or exemption from, the required meal plan based on assigned housing may only be granted if a student has a reasonable medical request which directly impacts the student’s ability to use the established meal plan. Please note that the majority of dietary restrictions, allergies can be met and will not result in an exemption from the meal plan requirement. See below for more information from Bon Appetit in accommodating food restrictions and allergies. Information on the exemption process will be posted soon.


How do I check my balance?

You can view your balance in your student account, but for a more detailed view of your meal plan transactions, please login to your OneCard account via Touchnet. Please note that new balances are added just before the start of the term (typically 1-2 business days before the move-in date for residential students). You meal plan balance will not show in your OneCard account prior to this.

Will the cost of the meal plan be considered in my Financial Aid package?

Yes! The cost of your meal plan is part of your overall cost of attendance (that includes both direct costs, like tuition, CCA housing and meal plans, and costs you pay yourself, like book/supplies and transportation). Your financial aid is based on your cost of attendance and includes your meal plan.

Additionally, your meal plan is part of your student account, so your financial aid will be paid directly to your student account and your eligible for CCA’s payment plans.

Are student meal plans tax-free?

Yes! Students using meal plan dollars are not charged sales/use tax. As long as you have a balance on your student meal plan/CCA OneCard, your food product* transactions will not be subject to tax. Having a student meal plan saves you money!

"Food Products." As used herein, the term "food products" as defined in Regulation 1602 (18 CCR 1602) includes food furnished, prepared, or served for consumption at tables, chairs, or counters, or from trays, glasses, dishes, or other tableware provided by the retailer or by a person with whom the retailer contracts to furnish, prepare or serve food to others

How did CCA determine the price of the meal plans?

The meal plan prices were crafted in close partnership with several departments across campus. The pricing was informed by surveying CCA students, informed from CCA’s peers, including local colleges and universities, and other AICAD colleges in urban locations in collaboration with Bon Appetit Management Company. In March of 2019, the college surveyed students about their eating and spending habits, and need/desire for meal plans (based on current living situation). This information was all taken into consideration and provided great insight into the needs of our CCA community.

Can dining balances roll over or be transferred?

Balances at the end of the Fall semester may be used during the Spring semester. Balances are non-transferable beyond the end of Spring semester or between students and have no cash value at the completion of the academic year, or post Graduation date. Summer balances are only available during the Summer term and will not be available after the end of the term.


What does a declining balance mean?

Consider your meal plan a dollar for dollar cash balance, similar to a debit card. Every transaction that takes place in the Makers cafe and Convenience store will be deducted from your meal plan.

What types of meal plans are available?

All CCA meal plans are declining balance. There are five levels of plans, some which are required of students living in CCA residential halls, and others are optional.

Can I use the meal plan dollars elsewhere on campus?

At this time the meal plan can only be used in the Makers Cafe and Convenience store located in Founders Hall.

How do I enroll in a meal plan?

Students residing in Founders Hall and Blattner Hall will be auto-enrolled in the baseline required plan. After receiving a housing assignment, residents will have the option to purchase a higher level meal plan if desired.

All Students living in Panoramic Residences, Irwin Hall, or off campus, will be able to purchase and enroll in a meal plan of their choice. Further instructions will be provided on Portal and communicated to all students.

Will I physically receive a meal plan card?

Your CCA OneCard (also known as your Student ID) now holds your meal plan balance, provides building access for Founders Hall residents. No additional meal plan card is issued.

What are the operating hours of the Makers Cafe?

Please see the Makers Cafe page for posted Operational hours as they may fluctuate from time to time.