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Residential Assistants

Last updated on Oct 31, 2021


The Role of the Residential Assistant

The role of the Residential Assistant (RA) plays an important part in the CCA residential community in advancing the mission of the department, enhancing the residential curriculum, and improving the residential student experience at CCA. The RA must abide by the residential community standards, the student code of conduct, and any additional campus policies listed in the Student Handbook (see The RA must present proper communication and interpersonal skills.

The Basic Roles of the RA

  • Community Builder
  • Referral Agent
  • Team Member
  • College Representative
  • Educator/Programmer
  • Administrator

Tasks and Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as a community builder to enhance the student experience in the residential hall
  • Be familiar with all campus and community resources, report and respond to all emergencies, and follow proper emergency protocols
  • Building and floor supervision of assigned residential hall
  • Direct any residential incidents to the REC on Call
  • Actively address and report  policy violations through the proper channel within 24 hours or by 9 am if on duty from the night before
  • Complete duty log and incident reports properly and accurately 
  • Complete thorough rounds and walkthroughs during the duty period
  • Team member-support other staff members of the department
  • Assist in the opening and closing procedures of assigned residence halls, as needed
  • Complete Move-In RCR (Room Condition Reports) and Move Out RCR 
  • Explain and enforce all College Policies and Community standards to residents
  • Check all forms of communication which include but are not limited to CCA Email and Slack channel
  • Refer residents to facilities work orders
  • Project management
    • Residential professional staff will assign RAs projects to work on to complete over the course of the academic year, in advancing the mission of Residential Education, enhancing the residential curriculum,  and improving the residential student experience at CCA.
    • RAs can also work on other project ideas that relate to Residential Education
  • Regularly attend and participate in weekly RA team meetings and meet with Residential Education professional staff on a regular basis
  • Complete community development initiatives as assigned
    • Including events and programming
  • Adhere to set work schedule with the understanding that Residential Education has the right to change at any point
    • Reporting to on-call schedule and ensuring answering the phone, if assigned
  • Demonstrate exemplary behavior at all times
  • Administrative tasks assigned by Residential Education
  • Responsible for being at an assigned residential building, with no more than three (3) consecutive days away. Any exception is up to the discretion of the assigned REC and Director of Residential Education. 
  • Other duties as assigned

Residential Assistants


Tony Bernardo (He/Him) - Founders Hall

Hi there! I'm Tony and I'll be one of your RAs on the 5th floor of Founders Hall. I'm a fourth-year Illustration major with a minor in Computational Practice. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida before moving to the Bay Area for college in 2018. Besides being an RA, I also serve as a student council member and a front desk assistant at Founders and Blattner Hall. When I'm not at school, you can find me biking around the city, binging a new show, or working on some last-minute art projects. My favorite colors are definitely muted shades of greens and oranges.

As a returning RA, I'm excited to welcome a brand new group of students to Founders Hall, which will be operating at full capacity for the first time ever. If you ever want to get in contact with me, I recommend shooting me a message on the Res-Ed Slack group. You can also find me and my artwork on Instagram ( I look forward to making this school year a memorable one with you. :)


Alistair Bottorff (They/Them) - Founders Hall

Hi everyone! My name is RA Alistair, but you can also call me Al. My favorite colors are red + gold, and I enjoy music, skating, and watching too many YouTube video essays. I work as an RA on the 2nd floor, a front desk attendant, a porter on the maintenance team, and I'm also a Senior Fellow in Student Council. I've been told I "wear many hats" at CCA. This year I'm looking forward to seeing what Founders Hall looks like at full capacity and seeing the new faces on campus!


Kamau Kokayi-Taylor (He/Him) - Founders Hall

I go by He/Him pronouns and I’m a 2D Animation major at CCA. I was born in Miami Florida and raised in Nassau Bahamas. When I was seven my family and I moved to the United States and we are currently residing in Minneapolis MN. From an early age I was passionate about the arts and I knew that my life would revolve around either cartooning or anything in the art field. I found out about CCA through an art school college fair, and at the recommendation of the admissions counselor I later ended up attending the 2018 Summer Pre College Program. I immediately fell in love with the campus and the Bay Area and later fully committed to going to CCA. I became a RA because I’m passionate about community building and I love meeting new people and learning from their experiences.


Reno Nevada (They/Them) - Founders Hall

Howdy! Name's Reno Nevada and I am a senior animation student, as well as your RA! My favorite colors are a combination of blue and orange, and gold and red!
You can occasionally find me residing on the 3rd floor, but I mostly run around the building making sure things work. I enjoy learning and doing maintenance, as well as engraving, tattooing, and embroidering, and recently I began to pick up some knowledge in foraging (mostly learning about plant species). This year, I hope to cultivate change within the Founders community by helping it be a greener, more creative space, as well as helping ya'll adjust to living out here in SF!


Robin Parks (She/Her) - Blattner Hall

Hello everyone! My name is Robin and I am going into my Junior year studying Illustration. I was born in Kingston, New York but raised in the Bay Area. I work both traditionally and digitally but I absolutely love to paint. A few fun facts, I love sunset orange, I'm self-taught in the ukulele since 2014, and I started kickboxing recently. I love trying new things! One day, I want to work at Pixar as either a Concept or Storyboard Artist. Also, I am the Program Assistant and Senior Coach for CCA's Learning Resource Center! If you want to grab a boba, get kickboxing or academic tips, or need someone to talk to, I'm your gal! My goal is to make sure CCA is a safe and loving community for incoming and continuing students. I am excited to see what each student can achieve while attending CCA <3


Cameron Barnes (They/Them; She/Her) - Founders Hall

I am a print making major. I am from San Diego, California. I love ice cream even on a cold day and love getting out and just wondering around the city sometimes. I also love dogs even the rowdiest I love. I play dnd on the weekends with friends (I am the dungeon master.) And I just like to have an all around good time.


Nic Hampton (They/Theirs) - Irwin Hall

Hello everyone! My name is Nic and I use they/them pronouns. I am a third year Individualized Major and I will be one of your RA’s in Irwin hall! I am a constant creator, so many of my hobbies are very project based – music production, writing, painting/drawing, etc. I also really love antiquing and thrifting. Outside of being a student, I am a mental health advocate for a non-profit where our mission is to destigmatize mental illness. By having conversations about mental health and allowing vulnerability, we can connect and support one another. It’s been a very difficult couple years for everyone, but my hope is that we can once again come together as a community and enjoy life back on campus.


Oliver Grant (He/Him) - Founders Hall

Hello! I am studying Industrial Design. My Favorite color is a nice dark green, maybe Panton 364. I enjoy playing music, cycling, and photography. I am a first time Residential Assistant. I am excited to build new friendships and reinvigorate the CCA community after our hiatus from campus and peers.


Ajaya Bhatnagar (She/Her) - Founders Hall

Hi everyone! I am RA Maggie. I use she/her pronouns and I am a Paining and Drawing major starting as a Sophomore this year. I was born and brought up in New Delhi, India and I moved to USA in January 2021.
I have always been passionate about art and that is what brought me here to CCA! Although my main focus has always been painting and drawing I also enjoy crafts, music, and dance!
Along with being your RA I will also be working as a Campus Activities Board member so feel free to talk to me if you have any questions related to housing, events, and anything and everything that comes to your mind, or are looking for help and advice, or have awesome ideas for events and activities!
I am super excited to be your RA and can’t wait to meet you all on campus!


Iván Domínguez-Murillo (He/Him) - Blattner Hall

I am a fourth year Architecture major. Who also enjoys photography and cooking and finding new music that has a nice basslines or multiple sets of percussions and rhythms layered on top of each other. I am exited about this upcoming academic year and look forward to meeting new people and enjoying our campus in person once again!


Dylan Spangler (He/Him) - Founders Hall

Hello! I'm Dylan. Right now, I'm in my final year of study as a graphic design major. I'm originally from Santa Barbara, California (actually, I'm from Lompoc, but that's the closest place that people know about). Some of my creative interests are type design, motion graphics, and a liiiiittle bit of photography. If you ever bump into me, I always want to talk about board games, movies (especially sci-fi), or whatever outdoor adventures you've been on lately. I also give great font recommendations. I also make posters for the Office of Student Life — you might have already seen my work around campus!

I'm so excited and grateful to be an RA this year. If you're a new student, I'd love to get a coffee at Maker's and talk about just about anything. Anything to make you feel welcome.


James Zealor Santos (They/Them; He/Him) - Irwin Hall

Hey, party people! I’m Jamie, like the MythBuster, Scream Queen, and Lannister—different spelling, I know. I’m a senior Animation major from Las Vegas, as well as your RA here at Irwin!

I’m a major Swiftie, and have near-encyclopedic knowledge of her discography. I can apply her songs to literally anything—even Saw (2004) and The Social Network (2010)—with playlists to prove it! Speaking of TSN, David Fincher is one of my favorite directors. Since I’m not from around here, I admittedly learned Bay Area location names from watching Zodiac (2007) over and over. As I’ve gotten to know Oakland, I can say with confidence that my most cherished spot is Cat Town.

Bah, enough about me! I’m beyond thrilled to meet and learn about you, so hit me up!


Golnoush Pak (They/Them; She/Her) - Founders Hall

Hi there! My name is Golnoush. I am an RA at Founders Hall and a graduate student in the Comics department. My favorite colors are olive green, black, various shades of gray, yellow ocher, and yellow mustard. I love discussing the intersection between art, storytelling, and the various forms of social and environmental justice concerns that we are facing in our society. When I'm not boring people about these topics, I enjoy dancing, hiking, learning new plant-based recipes, reading, and playing video games. I recently started my plant parenting journey and would love to hear about your favorite plants and tips because having a green thumb is hard haha! It is my objective to support everyone in my growing community with respect and compassion. I am so excited to get to meet everyone and support students in however way I can.


Lui White (They/Them; He/Him) - Irwin Hall

Hey everyone! My name is Lui and my pronouns are he/him or they/them. I am originally from New England (New Hampshire, to be more specific). I am currently a third year Graphic Design major with a minor in Ecological Practices. I also like to dabble in Photography, Book Arts, Textiles, and Printmaking. Some fun facts about me: I have been a vegetarian for about 8 years now. My favorite color is green. I love going on road trips and traveling whenever I can. This past year I’ve been trying to get more into camping and hiking. I am super excited to be back on campus this semester and to get to know everyone!


Seth McFarlane (He/Him) - Blattner Hall

Hi Y’all! I’m Seth, and I’m a 4.5th year Industrial Design major (I took thesis off last semester to finish in person). I’m from Portland OR, and some of the things I enjoy include expensive coffee, outdoor activities, and playing the occasional video game. I’ll be an RA and Front Desk Assistant at Blattner, and I was previously a software coach at the LRC. I am very fired up about sustainability and can talk for a while about how most plastics aren’t recycled. This year I am looking forward to “building back better” after COVID, both individually and within the CCA community. The past year was a blur, and I’m excited to be back with y’all this semester!


Rebecca Velasquez (She/Her) - Founders Hall

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca, you can also call me Bex. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and am excited to be a part of the CCA residential community after being in lock down my whole first year! This will be my second year studying at CCA in the Masters program of Architecture and my first year as an RA in Founders Hall. It is my first time living in the city so I am looking forward to a new adventure! A little bit about me is that my favorite color is a mix of blue and green and fairly recently the color sage green. I play the piano, clarinet, and saxophone so if you want to ever talk about music or life in general feel free to talk to me! I also like to just chill and do homework with people! Looking forward to seeing you all soon on campus!


Josh Jackson (They/Them; He/Him) - Founders Hall

Hello, I'm Josh Jackson. I am a second year Writing and Literature major. My Favorite colors are gold and purple. I really enjoy swimming and playing ping pong in my free time, as well as watching movies and Youtube. I'm a Residential Assistant in Founders Hall, and a goal I have for this upcoming year is successfully getting to know each of my residents and their beautiful personalities individually.


Angie Chaparro (She/Her; They/Them) - Blattner Hall

angie-chaparro-RA.jpg - Angie Chaparro.jpg

Hey there! I'm a third year animation major interested in stop motion, felting and cooking all kinds of weird things. I'll be your Fall RA, here to help with whatever you need and maybe even hang out! I'm hoping to make your transition here as easy and comfortable as possible given everything that's going on, and to provide a safe space for you to feel supported through the year. Welcome back!


Rhea Haley (She/Her) - Founders Hall

Hi! I'm a second year Architecture major. My favorite color is black and I enjoy watching TV, going out with friends, and listening to music. I'm currently an RA and soon I'll be working in Maker's cafe. I hope to meet a lot more people this year. Another goal of mine is to buy an electric guitar and play with my friend Jordan.


Matthew Gatewood (He/Him) - Blattner Hall

I'm an Illustration major, so two of my favorite things are great stories and beautiful art. Two of my favorite colors are a deep plum and dark teal with warm overtones. Outside of classes I spend most of my time drawing, playing DnD, hanging out with my ESA, watching anime, being a Real Gamer Boi ™ (not really but a guy can dream), or checking out thrift stores and other spots around the area. I’m both a front desk attendant and an RA on the second floor of Blattner Hall. No matter what the situation is I will always do everything in my power to be hopeful and kind. Those are the things that make hard times easier and help us find our way through to the other side. For the upcoming year I want to be there as a member of the community to help each other flourish.


Jhostine (Jay) Chalen Ulloa (She/Her) - Founders Hall

Hi, my name is Jhostine Chalen Ulloa, I also go by Jay. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a 3rd year undergrad Architecture student. I am a RA on the third floor at Founders. My favorite color is red. Some activities that I enjoy are going on walks and exploring the bay. I love finding new coffee, boba, gelato shops in the bay. I also love to travel, thrift, and go out to eat (I’m a foodie). I believe that how you manifest your life and how you cary yourself helps you grow everyday as a person. It’s important to set goals in our lives, small or larger, to help us invasion the life we want to create. Thus, encouraging us to make them come true. I hope this year I can get to meet the new residents as well as returning ones, and building connections with them. I feel like the pandemic made it hard for a lot of us to build connections online, so returning in person is something in really excited about.