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Communication and Correspondence

Last updated on Sep 12, 2022

Email as Official Communication

Some CCA offices are required by federal regulation to mail documents to students. With that said, email remains a primary official means of communication for the College, and students are expected to check their CCA email regularly. Such expectations extend into break times when updates and instructions related to academic standing are distributed via email, typically within a month of the last day of each semester. These updates and instructions can require timely action and directly relate to a student's ability to enroll or remain enrolled at CCA.

Students who forward their CCA email to personal accounts are responsible for ensuring that essential CCA messages are not being filtered by their personal accounts. In many cases, College procedure will require that students communicate with CCA offices via their CCA email rather than their personal accounts.

Texts to Student Cell Phones

CCA reserves the right to text students’ cell phones, normally using the number designated as “home primary phone number” in Workday, for the following purposes:

  • To transmit messages through our emergency notification system in the event of a campus emergency such as a natural disaster or a crime in progress.
  • To contact students who have been reported as possibly missing.
  • To contact students who have not responded to urgent email regarding their visa eligibility or F1/J1 status.
  • To contact students about an urgent matter related to a possible violation of the Student Code of Conduct, Discrimination Policy, or Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • To contact students about an urgent matter related to CCA’s Policy on Exceptionally Disruptive Behavior.
  • To contact students who have not responded to urgent email about matters that may prevent their future ability to enroll or make satisfactory academic progress (possible academic suspension or dismissal, academic probation, multiple Interim Progress Reports, registration issues, etc.).
  • To contact students who may need additional support through CCA Cares.
  • To contact students regarding COVID-19 information, follow-up, and instructions.
  • To communicate with applicants and admitted students about their admission, enrollment, upcoming events, and deadlines prior to their first term at CCA (for those who opt in only).

Given the urgency of such texts, students are expected to respond in a timely manner.

Texts will primarily be sent by staff members in the following offices: Public Safety, Student Affairs, Dean of Students, International Student Affairs and Programs, Office of Student Success, Academic Program Advising and Planning, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions, and Enrollment Management. Individual staff members or instructors may seek/obtain permission to contact students by text or phone about work study duties, specific classes, etc., and such permission falls outside the scope of this policy.

Texts will not be used to market events or share general communication other than as indicated above by Admissions, Graduate Admissions, and Enrollment Management. Continuing students with questions/concerns about unauthorized use of texts by CCA staff or faculty can contact Student Affairs at; applicants and newly admitted students can contact Enrollment Management at

Whenever possible, CCA staff and faculty will refer to students by their chosen name. Students are encouraged to enter their chosen name in Workday so that it will display on course rosters and other internal College documents. Some offices (International Student Affairs and Programs, etc.) are required to use legal names in documents that they issue, but they will use chosen names in conversations, email, and other forms of direct communication with students. Students who have questions about chosen name entry or usage can contact the Student Records office.

For more information, see Usage Conventions for Student Name, Gender, and Pronouns

Student Mail & Packages

CCA will not accept mail or packages for students who do not reside in College housing.

Contacting Instructors

The College will not release instructors' home addresses or telephone numbers. Students are encouraged to use the email addresses listed in Workday, course syllabi, or the Portal to contact instructors. Mail for Oakland faculty may be delivered to the faculty mailboxes located next to the Public Safety desk in the Oliver Art Center. Mail for San Francisco faculty may be delivered to the faculty mailboxes adjacent to Simpson Library.

Institutional Complaints

Students who have exhausted the College's internal processes for handling a complaint (other than those related to Civil Rights) and are unsatisfied with the result may wish to contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education for review of a complaint. The bureau may be contacted at 2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95833,, 916.431.6924, fax 619.263.1897.

Please see the Portal pages related to Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Access/Disability Services for information on making inquiries, appeals, or complaints to the Office of Civil Rights.

Emergency Messages

Emergency messages for students are directed to the Student Records Office (510.594.3651 or 415.703.9579) or Student Affairs main offices (510.594.3678 or 415.551.9265). No student home address or telephone number will be released to any person without the student's written permission.