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Accessing Wagtail

Last updated on Aug 23, 2021

What is Wagtail?

Wagtail is the Content Management System (CMS) that powers the Portal. This is the interface that content editors will interact with when managing their pages.

How do I access Wagtail?

The average Portal user will be unable to access Wagtail unless given editing access by the Portal team. If you would like to be given access to a page or grant another person access, please email the Portal team at or contact the Tech Services Help Desk via ticket submission, phone (510.594.5010), or email (

Wagtail Options.png

Once a user is granted editing access, they can access Wagtail through two distinct methods.

The first method is by heading to If you're not yet logged in, you will be prompted to input your CCA account credentials through our SSO log in page.

The second method is by visiting and logging in through CCA's SSO log in page. Once logged in, users will see the Wagtail bird icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking on the Wagtail icon will provide the option of opening Wagtail admin or editing a page (depending on the permissions given to a Portal user).

Once a user has either visited or accessed it via the Wagtail icon, they will encounter a page that appears like this:

Accessing Wagtail

As an approved editor, you will see all the pages in the Portal. However, you will only be able to edit the pages related to the sections to which you've been assigned.

From the Wagtail home page, you'll select the Pages folder in the left menu. A list like this should appear:

Accessing Wagtail