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CCA Portal

Each page on Portal has a unique web address or URL associated with it. Portal URLs (with a few exceptions) mimic the page path, or its placement within the hierarchy of the site.

For example, the URL for the "Hack Your Homework" page in the "Learning Resources" section is

Essentially, the convention is[landing page]/[section page]/[basic page]/. Each portion of the URL follows the associated page title (with hyphens replacing spaces and articles and prepositions removed).

For any given page, only the last portion of the URL corresponds directly to the page. When you create a page, that portion of the page's URL, known as a slug, is created automatically, based on what you enter as the page title.

Slug Field

Though it is populated automatically, Wagtail does have an editable Slug field. As a general rule, Portal editors should not alter page slugs unless they have to.

Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to manually update the slug. When a page is in draft, the slug will update to match changes to your page's title. Once a page is published, the Slug field no longer syncs automatically to match Title.

In the event that you change a live page's title, you should update the Slug field to match the new title before republishing. Make sure you check any links to the page as well, since the URL will have changed!

The Slug field can be found under the Promote tab. Below is an example of a Portal page whose title and slug are identical.

Slug Field Example.png