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Summer Study Abroad Registration & Related Enrollment Information

Last updated on May 13, 2024


Study Abroad Priority Registration is February 21-28, 2024.

Students will register for study abroad via Workday in a special Study Abroad Priority Registration from February 21-28, 2024.

Steps to receive a priority registration appointment

  1. All eligible students must complete the Study Abroad Student Interest Form
  2. All eligible students are required to review program information and videos on Portal, and attend an info session, email individual faculty/ with any questions about the travel program curriculum. For study abroad questions regarding billing, academic advising, registration, scholarships, or financial aid, please email
  3. All eligible students must be approved by the course faculty before they are granted access to the online priority registration. Faculty review the submitted Study Abroad Interest Forms. Instructor approval to attend a study abroad course does not constitute registration.
  4. All approved students will receive a Study Abroad Priority Registration appointment in Workday.

Online registration: February 21-28, 2024

  • Registration opens at 8am on February 21. Priority registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Review step-by-step guide on registering in Workday.
  • Each study abroad travel program counts for several undergraduate or graduate degree requirements. Students register in a course section that meets their academic plan and degree requirements. Students should consult with their academic advisors for questions about course sections.
  • Students are encouraged to register early to ensure their place. Travel programs are limited to 14 students.
  • Once eight students are registered in a course, we will be able to give registrants the go-ahead to purchase airline tickets at the best price — This is one more reason for students to register as soon as possible!
  • Students who wish to enroll in additional summer 2024 courses will be able to register for those courses at the same time as the study abroad travel programs. The summer 2024 academic course schedule is published on Portal and on Workday.

After February 28, 2024

  • After Study Abroad Priority Registration ends, students may still register for summer study abroad as long as spaces are still available and accommodations have not yet been finalized.
  • Students registering after February 28th will need administrative support. Contact for support. Students are required to pay or create a payment plan before they may register in Workday for the course. A completed Study Abroad Student Interest Form and instructor approval are still required.

Eligibility for CCA students

Undergraduate Students must have completed 57 units by Spring 2024 and be in good academic standing. Graduate Students in good academic standing are eligible.

Eligibility for Non-CCA students

CCA summer study-abroad programs are designed for current CCA students and open to alumni as well as undergraduate or graduate students from other colleges and universities. If there are spaces still available after February 29, we welcome alumni, students from other AICAD schools, colleges/universities into the program. If interested, please email for eligibility requirements.


Priority Registration: Wednesday, February 21 - Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Students may register on a space available basis for any program and then arrange payment with Student Accounts.

Payment deadline: Wednesday, February 28, 2024

After February 28, students are required to pay or arrange payment with financial aid before registration.

Refund deadline: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 (no refunds after this date)

Student Withdrawal deadline: Monday, April 22, 2024


Priority payment deadline: Wednesday, February 28, 2024. Students who do not meet the February 28 payment deadline may be dropped from their Study Abroad course.

Refund deadline: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 (no refunds after this date)

Important Payment Information:

  • A completed Summer 2024 billing worksheet is required. Please contact or Student Accounts office directly with any questions.
  • Payments are made online or you may contact the Student Accounts office. We are not accepting in person payments but mail in payments are possible.
  • Tuition and fees must be paid in full or be covered by financial aid in full by Wednesday, February 28, 2024. If financial aid will not cover the entire tuition amount, students will need to pay the remaining balance.
  • If you are applying for a loan, please read the Financial Aid section below.
  • Students registering after the February 28 payment deadline will need to contact Student Accounts and pay or arrange payment via financial aid BEFORE they can register in Workday for the course.


Students who attend CCA-sponsored study abroad courses, and enroll in the summer semester for a minimum of 6 units that satisfy degree requirements, may be eligible for scholarships, grants, and/or loans. Please review the 2024 estimated summer awards chart which outlines the eligibility requirements for all forms of summer financial aid, including institutional scholarships.

Summer Financial Aid Step-by-Step

  1. Financial aid can only be awarded for coursework required for your degree. Work with your Undergraduate Academic Advisor or Graduate Affairs Team to ensure enrolled summer coursework fulfills a required course on your Academic Plan.
  2. Summer financial aid falls under the 2024-2025 award year. Domestic students should complete the 2024-2025 FAFSA to ensure they are considered for all eligible need-based financial aid, including federal student loans.
  3. Review and complete any assigned 24/25 action items in Workday.
  4. Student loans require enrollment in at least 6 degree-required units. If you need to utilize student loans, ensure you meet this enrollment requirement!

Enrollment changes may result in adjustments to your summer financial aid. Changes to your summer schedule after your first course has started may be considered a withdrawal and could affect your eligibility.

The sooner you do, the sooner you will receive a finalized award notification.

A $50 non-refundable registration fee is charged with tuition and associated fees at the time of registration.

Enrollment changes may result in adjustments to your summer financial aid. Changes to your summer schedule after your first course has started may be considered a withdrawal and could affect your eligibility.

Contact or the CCA Financial Aid Office directly with any questions!

Students are responsible for all charges that result from a dropped class or withdrawal, this includes the $50 registration fee.



Students are responsible for acquiring a valid passport and visa where applicable.

Start the Process Immediately

If you do not already have a passport, start the process right away as it can take four to six weeks to obtain a US passport and additional time to obtain visas.

Passport Expiration Dates

If you currently have a passport from any country, make sure it does not expire within six months of your travel dates.

If it does, get it renewed. Many countries will not let you enter if your passport will expire within six months of your travel.

U.S. Citizens

There are several way for US citizens to obtain their passport:.

International Students

Visas for U.S. Citizens & F1 Visa International Students

Check on the visitor visa requirements for the country you will be visiting.

If, according to your citizenship, a visa is required, go directly to the embassy page of that country to see what forms you may need to submit as well as how to make an appointment with the embassy.

Look on the general embassy web pages for Consulates General in order to search for specific embassy information for San Francisco.

We strongly recommend you begin researching the visa application process as early as possible, even before you have decided to register for a study abroad course. Once you have registered for the course, be ready to apply for a visa right away since the process can take much longer than expected.

The International Student Services office can support your application by providing a letter for your visa application which confirms your international student status at the college. As soon as you are registered for the course, please email to request a letter in advance of your visa application.

If you will travel through another country on your way to a final destination, check if you need a transit visa.

Depending on your country of citizenship and the country where you have a stopover, you may be required to obtain a transit visa in order to be allowed to land and continue on your trip.

If unsure, visit the embassy website of the country where you have a stopover. Procedures and required documents for obtaining a visa vary greatly, so it is advised to check before purchasing your plane ticket.

Travel/Health Insurance

CCA provides supplemental travel/health insurance coverage for students registered in a CCA summer study-abroad course traveling outside the United States, for the duration of the course.

The coverage is secondary to any other coverage that a student has in place — whether personal, parental, or CCA's Student Insurance Plan.

Students should first file a claim through their primary insurance company, then with the travel insurance company.

While abroad, make sure you have your primary as well as your secondary insurance carrier and policy information readily available.

Once registered in a summer study-abroad course, students will be contacted by CCA's supplemental travel insurance carrier to activate their secondary insurance coverage.

If you are not enrolled in CCA's Student Insurance Plan: Do not assume that your current policy applies outside the United States; check with your insurer.

All students should know what procedures they need to follow in case of a medical emergency while abroad.

If you are enrolled in CCA's Student Insurance Plan: Travel assistance provides support services in case of an emergency while traveling. On Call International provides emergency-only coverage for students who study abroad. This coverage is included for students who have the college's insurance plan.

The Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with trained multilingual coordinators and doctors to advise and assist you quickly and professionally in an emergency. On Call International phone numbers: In the U.S. and Canada: Call toll free at 1-866-525-1956. From anywhere in the world: Call collect at 1-603-328-1956.

Membership Program

  • 24/7 worldwide medical information and assistance
  • Unlimited emergency medical evacuation
  • Unlimited medically necessary return home
  • Travel arrangements for a family member or friend if you’re alone and are hospitalized and will remain hospitalized
  • Emergency return home for the death or life-threatening illness of a parent, sibling or spouse Medical monitoring
  • Medical, dental and pharmacy referrals
  • Medicine replacement assistance
  • Pre-trip information

Travel assistance

  • 24/7 emergency travel arrangements
  • Translation assistance
  • Assistance with arranging emergency travel funds
  • Lost travel documents replacement assistance
  • Credit card or traveler’s check replacement assistance
  • Legal consultation and referrals
  • Delayed baggage tracking

Security Assistance

  • Political evacuation
  • Natural disaster evacuation

While inspirational and life changing, CCA Summer Study Abroad programs are also intensive and challenging.

Students contemplating enrolling should make an honest assessment as to whether they are up for the challenges of a rigorous academic/artistic experience while having to adjust to life in a foreign country -- different language, customs, culture, food, living arrangements, travel, climate, time zone, etc.

While abroad, each student enrolled in a CCA Summer Study Abroad program is responsible for adhering to the college's regulations, policies, and procedures -- both as published in the Student Handbook and as otherwise announced by the college.

In addition, students should be advised that while abroad they are additionally subject to all laws of the host country. This applies to general country rules and regulations, from cultural customs to prescription medications.

CCA policy is that all students consult directly with their doctors and health care providers to discuss their health care matters, including medications. The college faculty and staff are not able to provide recommendations

CCA faculty and staff members are not qualified to offer legal counsel or intercede with local authorities on behalf of a student. Any offense committed while abroad may be reviewed by CCA's judicial system.

In addition to the CCA Code of Conduct, all study abroad faculty lead a formal conversation with students to create community agreements for their individual travel programs. Community agreements invite participants to establish shared understanding of group dynamics, outline individual responsibilities, and set clear expectations for personal responsibility, communication, safety, and overall group dynamics while traveling abroad as a collective representing CCA.


The following are answers to commonly asked questions about CCA's Summer Study-Abroad programs.

When is the best time to attend a study abroad course at CCA?

Undergraduates generally have two opportunities: between their sophomore and junior year and between their junior and senior year.

Some students attend a study-abroad program multiple summers. Some students attend two courses in one summer. On occasion, students with just a few credits left to graduate register in a summer study-abroad program to complete their degree in summer.

(Note: Students who are completing their degree requirements in the summer may not be eligible for the full Stafford loan amounts. All summer students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits in order to receive a student loan. )

Graduate students enroll in CCA study-abroad courses during the summer(s) between their program of study.

Why doesn't CCA provide scholarship assistance for summer study-abroad courses?

We essentially do provide scholarship assistance; it is built into the program tuition.

The study-abroad program tuition covers the cost of all your housing while abroad, local transportation while abroad (this varies from program to program but may include bus, van, train, internal flights), and museum entrance fees, as well as the tuition for a three-credit course.

A few programs include some meals. CCA subsidizes the cost of the summer study-abroad programs because we feel strongly that these are important educational experiences and wish to help make it possible for students to attend.

Can I take out a loan to pay for all or part of the course?

Yes, many students do. However, most loans will require that you be enrolled in a minimum of six units at CCA for the summer.

Please note the FAFSA must be submitted to the U.S. Department of Education as soon as possible, please refer to the Financial Aid summer study abroad information above.

Is it possible to take a CCA Summer Study-Abroad program and a CCA on-campus course during the summer and earn a total of 6 college credits?

Yes, it is possible to enroll in a CCA summer study-abroad program and an on-campus course as long as the dates of the abroad program and on-campus course do not overlap.

Is it possible to take two CCA Summer Study-Abroad programs during the summer and earn a total of 6 college credits?

Yes, it is possible to enroll in two summer study-abroad programs as long as the program dates do not overlap and you are approved by both instructors to register for their course.

Are there any CCA online courses I could take in addition to study-abroad to earn a total of 6 college credits?

Yes. Online and in-person courses for summer will be listed on Portal and Workday.

Can I register for a study abroad course and an online course that has a time conflict?

Yes, while it is possible to register for study abroad and an online course that has a time conflict, it is subject to review by both faculty. It is the student's responsibility to inform the instructor of the non-study abroad class of this conflict and receive approval from both faculty. We do not encourage this for online classes that have synchronous meeting times as the time difference may prevent students in travel programs from participating in online classes.

Is on campus housing available during the summer? May I live on campus for part of the summer?

Yes, students enrolled in Study Abroad will be able to maintain their housing on campus while they are traveling. On Campus Housing will be discounted for the duration they are away to reduce the cost of housing.

This is a great option for students who would otherwise be paying for storage or double paying for housing, taking additional Summer courses on campus, and ensure a smooth start to the Fall Semester.

See Summer 2024 Housing Rates and Dates for Study Abroad

* Housing Discount will be applied once registered for Study Abroad

Complete the Summer 2024 Housing Application

* Complete the 2024-2025 Housing Application if you will also be on campus for Fall 2024

Why do some summer study-abroad programs cost more than others?

The tuition for summer study-abroad and off-campus programs vary a bit, reflecting the fact that some programs have higher costs for accommodations and travel than others.

How can I gain some familiarity ahead of time with the spoken language of the country I will be visiting?

The CCA Libraries provide free language training (in any of 80 languages!) to students through the online program, Pronunciator. Sign up using your CCA email address. Duolingo is another convenient language-learning tool:

Why isn't the round-trip airline ticket to the program's destination included in the price? Why doesn't everyone fly there and back together?

CCA Summer Study Abroad courses are held at different times during the summer. Many students go home at the end of the spring semester, and it makes sense for them to fly abroad from their "home" city.

Also, many students choose to arrive early or stay later, spending additional time abroad. We do not require a shared departure location or flight. Students have full flexibility to make arrangements that meet their individual needs and preferences.

When can I buy my airline ticket?

As soon as 8 students have registered in a summer study-abroad course, those students are given the go ahead to purchase their airline ticket by CCA's office of Study Abroad Travel Programs.

This is one of the reasons why we encourage students to register as soon as possible once online summer study-abroad registration begins.

Typically, the sooner you purchase your airline ticket, the more affordable the fare.

Can my wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend come along?

No. If you wish to spend time with someone while abroad, you should make arrangements to do so before or after the course dates.

Does CCA offer the same courses abroad every summer?

New programs are introduced each summer. Starting summer 2025, we will be repeating programs every other year.

Which programs fulfill the UDIST requirement?

Japan (In Search of Wabi-Sabi)


Which programs fulfill a Critical Ethnic Studies requirement?

Japan (In Search of Wabi-Sabi)

Are there any programs that fulfill History of Art and Visual Culture requirements?

Global Perspectives on International Contemporary Art and Culture: Venice Biennale / Art Basel / Berlin

Modernism & Postmodernism in European Design