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Make a Payment on Account-Step by Step Guide

Summer 2019 and subsequent terms should be paid for through Workday.

  • Fall billing information can be found in the following link: Billing Information
  • Spring 2019 payments should still be paid in Webadvisor.
  • This guide explains making payments via Workday, or you can make Summer 2019 and subsequent term's payments directly at:

1. Log in to Workday

a. Go to, and log in using your CCA Account credentials.

Workday home screen

2. View the Finances Dashboard

a. Under Applications, click the Finances icon.

Applications worklets

b. The resulting screen is your Finances Dashboard, from which you can view:

Finances Dashboard

3. Check Your Account Details

a. Click the View Details link within the Account Activity tile.

Account Activity Tile - Finances Dashboard
  • Total Account Balance shows the total amount owed on your account, regardless of due date.
  • Due Now is the sum of your past due charges and current due charges, minus any anticipated (secured) financial aid and pending payments. Any financial aid that has pending requirements will not display here (ie: incomplete promissory note paperwork, unaccepted aid, etc.).
  • Both of these numbers are also visible from the Account Activity summary view on the Finances Dashboard (see step 2b above).
  • For Fall 19- Spring 20' insurance waivers will not deduct in Workday, you will need to fill out a billing worksheet to calculate your amount due.

Refer to the Fall 19'-Spring 20' Billing Worksheet to calculate your balance due for Fall 19' - Spring 20'.

Refer to the Summer Billing Worksheet to calculate your balance due for Summer 2019.

My Account Tile - Finances Dashboard

View Account Activity Header
  • Alternatively, click View Account Activity in the task menu (under the My Account section).

b. Also on this page, you’ll see Transactions, a line-by-line list of charges and payments made on your account (including relevant dates).

Transactions table in View Account Activity

c. Click the Due Now Details subtab for an itemization of current and past due charges, and pending aid and payments.

Due Now Details in View Account Activity

4. Fill Out the CCA Payment Form

My Account section of Finances Dashboard task menu

a. Navigate back to the Finances Dashboard.

b. Click Make a Payment in the task menu (under the My Account section).

  • The CCA payment form will automatically open in a new tab.

CCA student account payment form

c. Fill out the required fields.

d. Click Proceed to Make Payment.

  • You will be automatically redirected to our payment processor, Touchnet.

CCA's Touchnet Payment Form

e. Fill out payment method information, then click Continue.

f. Confirm payment details and process payment.

g. Print or save a copy of your receipt. * PLEASE NOTE: It takes 24-48 hours for payments made to reflect in Workday. If you received a receipt, we did receive your payment. Please wait for us to load the payment in the 24-48 hour window stated before.