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My Portal Profile: Privacy Settings for Students

Data privacy is a major concern in the internet age, and as such, it is important to understand how your personal data is being used, distributed, and displayed. With that in mind, here’s what students should know about privacy settings for their Portal Profile.

Where is your Portal Profile?

  1. Log in to the Portal using your CCA credentials.
  2. Click the circle in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (it will contain your profile photo if one is uploaded).
  3. Click CCA Profile in the dropdown menu.
  4. The resulting screen shows your Portal Profile page.
  5. To make changes to your profile, click Edit Profile.

Your profile privacy settings are easy to toggle on and off in the editor, but how they affect your visibility in the Portal Directory, and how they interact with Workday-managed privacy settings, takes a bit more unpacking.

Your profile privacy controls

If you choose to be included in the Portal Directory, you can control the visibility of your information.

Three Different Privacy Settings Used in the Profile

  1. World - Information is visible to guest users
  2. CCA Community - Information is visible only to those logged in to the Portal
  3. Hide - Information is visible only to you

Individually Controlled Fields

Privacy settings are mostly controlled globally (meaning that your selected setting affects visibility for several pieces of information), but contact information (email and phone) can be controlled individually.

Default privacy settings

Your global Privacy Settings default to CCA Community. Find out more about default settings below.

CCA Community

Photo (defaults to your photo in Workday), Preferred Name (defaults to your legal name if not set in Workday), Program of Study, Educational Credentials (grad students only), Pronunciation, Pronouns, Social Media, About, Website, Accomplishments


Institutional (CCA) Email, Phone Number


None of your directory information is public by default

Profile privacy options chart

More of a visual learner? Here is another way to view privacy options for your Portal Profile.

**Default settings are highlighted and appear on the left of the Privacy Options column**

Privacy Settings_Portal_Graphic.png

Your name on Portal course section pages

No matter what privacy settings you choose, your preferred name will appear on the roster on the Portal course section page for any class you are enrolled in. Roster information here is always only visible to fellow students in the class and class instructor(s).

Your name on a course section page roster will link to your Portal Profile unless you opt out of the Portal Directory.

Opting out of the Portal Directory

You are included in the Portal Directory by default, but per Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requirements, you may opt out of inclusion in the Portal Directory entirely. Do so by changing your privacy settings in Workday, CCA’s system of record for student information.

Selecting Do Not Release Directory Information in Workday has the following effects in Portal:

  • You will not appear in the Portal Directory, either to the CCA community or the public
  • You can still log in to the Portal, but you will not have a Portal Profile
  • Your name will still appear on the roster for Portal course section pages, viewable only to the instructor(s) and students enrolled in the class

You will have to change your privacy settings in Workday should you wish to be included once again in the Portal Directory.

For assistance with opting out in Workday, email Student Records.

How soon can you expect to see changes reflected?

24-Hour Delay

When you make a change to your preferred name in Workday or when you change your privacy settings in Workday or the Portal Profile, those changes will be reflected in the Portal Directory the next day.

Opting Out Erases Custom Info/Settings

If you customize your Portal Profile and then opt out of the directory, all custom Portal Profile information will be deleted. If you opt back in, you will need to re-add your social media, photo, and other information. Please take care before adjusting your settings.

Google Search Indexing

When your Portal Directory information is public (your privacy is set to World), your profile will appear not only in Portal searches but in Google searches as well. If you opt out of the Portal Directory, you may still come up in Google search results temporarily, as Google takes a bit of time to deindex pages.

Decide what’s right for you

Students have the right to decide not to include their name in the Portal Directory, but doing so will make it more difficult for members of our community to contact them or confirm that they are students. It can also result in additional in-person office visits before completing routine tasks such as requesting a transcript or seeking confirmation of enrollment or degree completion for an internship or job. For this reason, CCA strongly recommends that students not opt out of the directory unless there is a significant reason (usually safety-related) why their names need to be less visible to the CCA community.

Within the Portal itself, students can customize their privacy settings to make their information more or less available to the public. Retaining the CCA Community settings provides a balance between privacy and collaboration for those who need it. With that said, unrestricted World access makes it easier for employers to find students and their work and can encourage a diverse population of prospective students to see themselves reflected within the CCA community.

Please carefully consider the information about students’ privacy rights, the implications of choosing not to be included in the directory, and available Portal privacy settings before opting out of the directory.

Students whose safety needs require even stronger protections of privacy than directory opt-out should contact the Registrar at

Questions about editing your Portal Profile? Open a Help Desk ticket.