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Funding + Paying for My Education

Funding My Education

View Financial Aid (Accept/Decline Awards)

Use this guide to view, accept, or decline financial aid awards in Workday's Finances Dashboard.

Create + Manage Financial Aid Requests

As a student, you can create requests in Workday to initiate changes related to your financial aid, such changing loan acceptance decisions or requesting specific types of loans.

Paying for My Education

Make a Payment on Account

Make payments towards tuition through Workday's Finances Dashboard.

SUMMER 2019:

If you register for any Summer 2019 courses, you will go to Workday to view charges for those courses and make payments on your account.

FALL 2019:

Fall 2019 tuition charges will appear in your Workday account beginning July 1st. You will use a billing worksheet to calculate what you owe and you will also sign up for a payment plan on the worksheet.

Please look through the following guide for more Fall 2019 billing information:Fall 2019 Billing Information


Any payments for Spring 2019 charges and earlier should be paid through WebAdvisor.

Quick Guide: Summer Payments (For Students Registered in Summer Courses)