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Architecture Division Faculty Resources


Where are the faculty offices?

The Faculty Center is located on the ground floor of 80 Carolina. The main entrance is located on the Carolina St. facing the parking lot. All active teaching faculty will can have access via their CCA ID card; faculty should visit the Public Safety station at the Hooper building to have their ID updated for office access.

NOTE: At this time, the Faculty Center is closed and will re-open when it is safe to enter public buildings via SF Public Health Dept.

Where can I learn about contracts , pay, and promotion?

Information related to unranked faculty contracts (also referred to as "course teaching offers") is located on the Academic Affairs page. You can also access the Faculty Handbook there.


Is there a guide for using WorkDay?

Yes! There's a presentation that you can find by clicking here. 

Also, you can view a quick Portal guide to each of these topics:

  • Your Dashboard
  • Entering Grades
  • Rosters & Emails
  • Submitting Updates (textbooks, course titles, descriptions, etc.)

How do I print and scan on campus?

CCA offers a number of printing options in the computer labs and libraries on both the Oakland and San Francisco campuses. Visit the Computer Lab Printing page for more information about these services.

NOTE: At this time, the Faculty Center is closed and will re-open when it is safe to enter public buildings via SF Public Health Dept.

How do I check out equipment?

The Media Center offers two day equipment check-out services to all current students, faculty, and staff. They also offer tech support and video services for lectures in designated campus spaces, room AV support, and extended check-outs for campus exhibitions.

NOTE: At this time, the Media Center is closed and will re-open when it is safe to enter public buildings via SF Public Health Dept. To reserve an audio/video recording kit for filming at home please contact

Help! I need technical support!

The Educational Technology Services (ETS) department supports CCA faculty, staff, and students in their use of information technology and technological resources. Help Desk staff are available on both campuses during regular College hours, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM—5:00PM. You can also submit a Help Desk Ticket online or contact

How can I reserve classrooms or critique space?

Virtual EMS is an event-management system the college uses to ensure events are scheduled effectively (i.e., no conflicts with room reservations overlapping). See EMS Room + Event Scheduling page. Staff, faculty, and students can book rooms. Program and Project Managers can assist with reserving spaces that you may not be able to access on your own.

NOTE: At this time, the CCA Main Building is closed and will re-open when it is safe to enter public buildings via SF Public Health Dept. See the updated information below:

Rooms Available for Reservation

The Academic Affairs Office has provided a number of rooms available for recording lectures/working.  Please use the following form to schedule a recording at least 1 business day before desired appointment times between 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday for Standard Recording Rooms. Please note that it will take additional time to review Alternative Space Requests, so please plan accordingly.  As we will need to arrange for you to gain access to campus buildings and rooms with your CCA ID, we will not be able to process same day requests.

Can I reserve shop/studio time for my course?

CCA’s fabrication studios are a collection of shared resources that support all departments. These facilities are available to all faculty and currently-enrolled students upon attending the individual shop/studio policy and safety orientations. Orientations may also be scheduled for your course in advance.

You are encouraged to notify the shops if your students will be scheduling a lot of time with the shops to complete assigned projects. For more details about the studios, shops, tool-lending, shop orientations, and policies, view the Shops page.

NOTE: At this time, the CCA Main Building, including Shops and Studios, are closed and will re-open when it is safe to enter public buildings via SF Public Health Dept.

What are the field trip policies?

If you are taking students currently enrolled in your course on a field trip as part of the normal course expectations, no liability forms are required. An Off Campus Activity Authorization Form is required for any voluntary trips unrelated to specific course requirements.

Field trip costs will need to be approved by your Program Chair in advance.


I need some help with purchasing materials!

All instructional materials for courses must be ordered through one of CCA’s approved vendors. Materials purchases are not eligible for reimbursement. Faculty may submit purchase requisitions on their own by following the instructions in the Procurement Policies document. Program Manager or Project Manager may can also submit a requisition on your behalf with appropriate lead time.

  1. Log on to Workday and search for Find Suppliers.
  2. Find a CCA vendor that works with the type of materials you need to order.
  3. Go to that vendor's website and locate the materials needed.
  4. Copy the materials URL into an e-mail and include relevant details, such as quantity or type needed.
  5. Repeat as necessary, then e-mail this list to your Program Manager or Project Manager.
  6. If you provide us these details, we can easily order exactly what you need.

Requisitions typically take two weeks minimum for ordering and delivery. Plan accordingly per your course schedule and project deadlines. Contact Program Managers or Chairs prior to the start of the semester to discuss studio budgets.

Program and Project Managers can also submit an "Open Purchase Order" with select vendors that would allow you to go to that store and pick up whatever you need. Any excess beyond the allotted monetary support from your program or division will have to be paid out of pocket. Open Purchase Orders make it easier to pick up materials on shorter notice. Note: neither Lowes nor Home Depot accept open purchase orders. Center Hardware and ARCH both accept open purchase orders and are close to the SF campus.

The CCA Procurement policies and procedures can be found on the Business Office Forms and Policies page.

How can I request funds for travel or faculty development?

The Provost’s Faculty Grants Program fosters the development of CCA faculty and programs. These grants support faculty to engage in the development of their teaching and professional practice and to design improvements to teaching effectiveness and curriculum. The two grants that are offered under the Provost's Faculty Grants Program are:

  • Faculty Development Grant (formerly the Travel and Professional grant)
  • Curricular Development Grant

All faculty members and the four divisions are eligible to apply, with the exception of visiting and emeritus faculty. Selection criteria explicitly include an evaluation of the extent to which the applicant’s proposed project will benefit CCA students in the classroom.

Program Chairs may be also be able to provide funding for faculty development. Notify your Chairs as early as possible to request financial support.

Can I be reimbursed for expenses?

Faculty travel related to CCA activities and business may be reimbursable with advance approval from Program Chairs. See the Expense Reimbursement policy document for details. Program and Project Managers are available for questions.

You must submit expense reports for reimbursements within 30 days from the date of purchase on the receipt.

Can I schedule guest lecturers for my course? Can they be paid?

Contact your Program Chair with requests to invite guest speakers or visiting artists who ARE NOT current CCA faculty, staff or students. If approved, these parties can be paid through Workday. Your Program Manager can submit these payments, but you must gather the following required information from the speaker, and provide it to your Program Manager.

  • An IRS Form W-9
    • The address on the W-9 must match the mailing address for their check
  • A phone number
  • Note: If the guest speaker or visiting artist is not a US citizen, they must be approved in advance as they will require additional documentation.

If the guest speaker is a current unranked faculty or staff employee of CCA, these must be paid via a stipend request that can be submitted by your program manager. Chair approval is required.


What resources can I students to students who are struggling?

  • Learning Resource Center
    • Do you have a student who is struggling with basic skills? Send them to the Learning Resource Center for academic coaching (tutoring). The LRC provides academic coaching for:
      • Writing (encouraged for ESL students)
      • Math
      • Software
    • CCA faculty members who have questions about how to best use the LRC to facilitate their students' learning should read the Resources for Faculty page.

  • Undergraduate Advising
    • All undergraduate programs have staff advisors who are available by appointment or on a drop-in basis. If any student has questions about their requirements or course planning, or are in danger of failing a course, please refer them to their advisor. The M.Arch Associate Chair functions as the advisor for their program.

  • Counseling
    • Counseling is a free resource available for current students. If you have a student who seems to be having a problem, consider referring them to the Counseling Services page. Students might need a little nudging to use this resource and they have to be proactive (the call must come from the student). Please be respectful of their privacy in the class setting.
    • Students can also call the CCA Mental Health Crisis Hotline at any time: 510- 594-5099.
    • Counseling is also available for faculty and staff.

    • CCA Cares is an initiative that aims to identify the underlying causes of potential harm and employ appropriate positive intervention. The CCA Care Team engages students with the care and support needed during difficult and challenging personal and academic circumstances. CCA community members can provide the CCA Care Team with information regarding the student they are concerned about. The team will determine how to best support each student.
    • Refer a Student
      • Use the CCA Cares Incident Form to refer a student and provide necessary information. Understanding the context for a referral is important to providing the best possible support and the most appropriate follow-up. We therefore encourage the referral to identify oneself. However, we do offer the option for anonymous reporting. The CCA Care Team will maintain confidentiality to the extent allowable. In some cases, the individual making the referral may be contacted for additional information about the concerning behavior.