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Last updated on Aug 04, 2023

Review this page for information about class registration, including add/drop dates, processes and resources.

Incoming Students

Incoming Fall 2023 students do not register themselves for their first semester. Incoming students are registered administratively. For more information on incoming student registration, please view the enrollment checklist. Incoming students have an opportunity to make adjustments to their schedule during the Add/Drop period.

Key Terms in Workday

Academics Dashboard - Academics Dashboard - a dashboard in Workday that provides information on your academic record. To access the Academics Dashboard, log in to Workday, select the icon of four squares in the top right of the header or at the bottom of the Quick Tasks section of your home page, and select Academics.

On this Page:

Summer 2023 Registration

Registration for Summer 2023 begins Monday, March 13 (8:00 am Pacific Time) and ends on Friday, April 14 (11:00 pm Pacific Time).

Please reference the deadlines for drops and withdrawals for the course sections in the summer 2023 session.

Fall 2023 Add/Drop

Students can add open courses, drop unwanted courses, and swap courses during the add/drop period. The Fall 2023 add/drop period begins on Friday, August 25, 2023 at 8:00 am (Pacific Time) and ends on Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time).

Preparing for Add/Drop

Review your holds

From the Academics Dashboard, view My Holds. If you have a Past Due Balance Hold, please contact Student Accounts via email at to resolve your hold in order to make adjustments to your schedule. You will not be able to register for classes if you have a Past Due Balance Hold.

Review your Academic Plan

From the Academics Dashboard, view Key Steps for Academic Planning + Registration - Step 5. You can also follow the Review Records guide for instructions on how to view and understand your Academic Record, Academic Progress, and Academic Plan.

Adjustments During Add/Drop

For instructions on how to add a course, drop an unwanted course, or swap a course refer to the Adjust Registration guide.

You can also find guidance on Closed Sections and Cross-Level Registration.

Waitlist policy, process and instructions can be found on our Waitlist Guide.

When adjusting your course schedule, keep in mind that your registration can affect your eligibility for Financial Aid. If you have questions about registration and financial aid, ask us for help!

Get Support!

Undergraduates should review information in the Academic Planning Guide when preparing your schedule for next semester. If you have a question about how a course will count towards your degree progress or academic plan, please contact your Program Advisor via email at, or make an Advising & Planning Appointment.

Graduates, if you have a question about how a course will count towards your degree progress or academic plan, please contact your Program Advisor via email at , or make a Graduate Advising & Planning Appointment.

Need Additional Help? Ask Us!

For any questions you have related to your student record, billing, financial aid, student immigration regulations and visa status, and housing and dining, reach out to student services at or send us a text at: (415) 915-2503.

We are also available for support on the following channels:

WeChat: ShirazCCA or Yuxi_CCA | LINE: shirazcca or Yuxi_CCA | Kakaotalk: ShirazCCA or Yuxi_CCA