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Manager Evaluation of Employee

Last updated on Aug 02, 2021

The manager and employee evaluation will launch simultaneously. A manager can start the employee’s evaluation, even if the employee has not completed their self evaluation. If the manager adds in Accomplishments or Goals before the employee completes their self-evaluation, the employee will be able to see the Accomplishments and Goals added, but not the comments. A manager will also be able to see the employee’s self-evaluation in real time, even before it is submitted by the employee.

The employee will not see the manager’s comments or ratings until after the Meet and Sign Off phase has been completed. If desired, the manager can download and provide the evaluation to the employee outside of Workday in advance. The manager should not submit the manager evaluation before the employee has submitted the self-evaluation.

Manager Evaluation Section Overview

  • Read over the Feedback that has been given*
  • Review the Work Accomplishments/Areas of Strength the employee submitted; there should be up to 3 submitted.
  • Review the comments submitted in the Areas of Growth and Development section.
  • Select an overall rating for the performance evaluation this year. The rating is a mandatory field.
  • Review and comment on ways you can support the employee.
  • Review and comment on your employee’s Career Aspirations.
  • Edit or add to the SMART goals the employee drafted for Professional and Individual Goals.
  • Review and consider the employee’s career aspirations as you consider their goals.
  • Add overall comments on the Performance Evaluation - Manager Overview. This is a mandatory field.
  • Review any additional documents submitted.
  • Click Submit, once you have completed your evaluation of your employee.

*Before you complete your employee’s evaluation, please check that you have received and reviewed the feedback from other staff that you had solicited at the beginning of the evaluation process. You may need to contact those you have asked to Get Feedback from to complete the task in Workday before completing your employee’s evaluation.

Work Accomplishments/Areas of Strength

The employee should have entered up to 3 work accomplishments/areas of strength for your review. Take a moment to review the employee’s job description, goals from last year’s evaluation, and any other evidence of success, and see how it aligns with what the employee has entered. Add language and comments to the work accomplishments/areas of strength as appropriate. Please note that goals may have shifted or changed as a result of the pandemic, so feel free to focus on the most appropriate work accomplishments or highlight areas of strength, as they pertain to CCA Core Competencies.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 3.52.42 PM.png

1) You can edit the wording of the accomplishment/area of strength, as needed.

2) Comment on each work accomplishment/area of strength.

3) Click Add to add additional accomplishments/areas of strength for your employee as needed.

Key Area(s) of Growth and Development

Review the comments provided by the employee and provide specific examples of any areas of growth and development that you have for the employee. Also, be sure to integrate any of the feedback received about the employee into the appropriate sections throughout the evaluation.

Overall Rating Scale

This year, we will only have one overall rating to reflect performance in this past evaluation cycle: Overall Performance is On Track or Overall Performance is Not on Track. If you will be rating your employee as Overall Performance is Not on Track, please be sure to connect with your HR Lead as soon as possible.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 3.53.56 PM.png