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Manager Guide for Annual Performance Evaluations

Last updated on Jul 26, 2021

Use the linked icons below to view detailed instructions for completing the form, section by section.

Note: Each link below will open that page in a new browser tab. At the bottom of every page of this guide are links to the next/previous step.

Performance Evaluation Process Overview

This section provides an overview of the performance evaluation process and how to effectively prepare for the manager evaluation of the employee.

Soliciting & Gathering Feedback

Getting feedback from other managers and/or staff about your employee can provide important insight, and is another data point that can be extremely helpful in assessing your employee’s performance. This section provides some tips on gathering and incorporating feedback successfully.

Manager Review of Employee Self-Evaluation

This section reviews the steps for reviewing the submitted employee self-evaluation.

Manager Evaluation of Employee

This section provides an overview of the aspects of the manager evaluation with a description of the rating scale that will be used this year.

Manager Support / Career Aspirations

This section highlights key challenges for your employee and what additional support they might need from you as a manager.

Review & Approvals

This section provides an overview of the evaluation review and required approval process.

Manager & Employee Meeting

This section offers some guidance on the evaluation meeting between the employee and manager, including a sample meeting agenda.

Final Changes, Comments, & Acknowledgements

This section reviews the final steps in closing out the review process in Workday.