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Annual Performance Evaluation Process Overview

Last updated on Jul 30, 2019

All employees are important contributors to CCA’s mission, and their professional growth and development only enhance our ability to serve our staff, faculty, and students. As a manager, your ability to assess and provide timely feedback on your staff’s performance plays a key role in the support, development, and success of your team. A critical step in the evaluation process that happens outside of the system is calibration, where the college leadership focuses on aligning managers with consistent performance ratings; this helps ensure that standards are applied in a consistent manner across the organization. The Workday system helps streamline the various additional steps in the process. This guide provides managers with tips to complete evaluations.

If you are working on your self-evaluation, please use the
Performance Review Self-Evaluation Guide.

Process Outline

  1. Human Resources kicks off the evaluation process in Workday to regular staff member(s) who were hired on or before January 1 and who have not experienced a job change after January 1, resulting in an Introductory Period Evaluation.
  2. To view your staff’s eligibility for performance, please run the Performance Eligibility report from the Reports - Team Performance worklet.
  3. Previous evaluations and job descriptions should be in Workday, if not please contact HR at
  4. Managers will be expected to solicit feedback from other staff/managers through Workday. Managers will enter a due date for the requestor to supply the feedback.
  5. Employee completes and submits completed self-evaluation for approval in Workday.
  6. Manager reviews the employee’s evaluation for content and completeness, and approves it for submission.
  7. The employee self-evaluation and the manager evaluation will launch at the same time in Workday.
  8. A Manager can start the manager’s evaluation of the employee, from the launch of the department’s performance evaluation cycle, however the Manager should not submit their evaluation until after review and approval of the employee’s self evaluation.
  9. Manager completes manager evaluation of employee in Workday, integrating feedback information from others as appropriate.
  10. The department leadership has the opportunity to weigh in on the manager's evaluation of the employee by sending comments back to the manager, with the VP & HR having final approval.
  11. After receiving the Meet with Employee task in Workday, Manager will meet with the employee to review the evaluation together.
  12. Manager and Employee will be able to add final comments on the evaluation after the meeting in Workday.
  13. If adjustments are needed after the meeting with the employee, the manager can email Once the Manager is ready to finalize evaluation, the Manager will clicks “Submit” on the “Provide Manager Review Comments” task in Workday.

Process Flow

The Annual Performance Evaluation Process Flowchart depicts a step-by-step overview of the annual review process for both managers and employees.

Special Cases

The annual evaluation cycle runs from July 1 of the prior year through June 30 of the current year. There are some special cases that may affect your employees:

  • Majority Manager: Workday will send the manager evaluation to the majority manager during the performance evaluation cycle, meaning that if the employee has experienced a job change during the evaluation cycle which resulted in a change in the reporting structure, the manager during the majority of the evaluation cycle will complete the evaluation.
    • The current manager submits the evaluation, which allows them the opportunity to review, provide input on the employee’s evaluation, and establish goals before submission.

  • If your employee is any of the following, they will not receive an annual staff evaluation in Workday:
    • Faculty
    • Student
    • Temporary Staff
    • Regular Staff hired after January 1
    • Regular Staff on leave
    • Regular Staff working less than 20 hours/week

  • If your employee was hired less than 6 months ago, you will receive an Introductory Period Evaluation for the 6 month time frame rather than an Annual Evaluation.

  • If your employee is on leave, HR will launch the performance evaluation after the employee returns.

Preparing for the Manager Evaluation of Employee

Below are some tips to help you prepare for the evaluation process to help you and your staff member(s) have a valuable exchange.

  • Schedule time on your calendar to complete staff reviews and place tentative holds on calendars to facilitate performance review meetings with staff.
  • Meet with your VP to align on the performance standards and how to apply ratings.
  • Partner with your employee(s) to create a list of individuals from whom you will solicit feedback in order to gain a better understanding of the employee’s performance.
  • Set aside time to review last year’s evaluation for the employee. If you do not have a copy of the evaluation, email
  • Review the Goals Status and Development Items reports in Workday for your employee(s) in order to assess last year’s performance.
  • Take note of potential stretch assignments that the employee has accomplished, or positive feedback others have shared.
  • Review the self‐assessment the individual submits to you, and make thoughtful comments.