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Department Leadership: Review and Approval

Once the manager submits the employee evaluation, the department leadership will have the opportunity to review and weigh in, with the department VP providing approval.

As mentioned, the department leadership will check that the evaluation ratings and comments are calibrated across the department they oversee, ensuring fair and accurate ratings.

Send Back for Additional Changes by Manager or Employee

If there are any changes that need to be made by the manager or the employee, the manager, anyone in the management chain, or HR can Send Back the evaluation one level down in the approval chain. When sending back, include a comment about the change(s) that needs to be made and click the Send Back button at the bottom of the window. An evaluation that is sent back will once again go through the approval chain.


If the evaluation is sent back, here is what the employee will and will not see:

  • Work Accomplishments/Areas of Strength: employee sees all added accomplishments
  • Key Area(s) of Growth or Development: employee sees all added items
  • Overall Rating: employee does not see the overall rating
  • Manager Support: employee does not see any added
  • Career Aspirations: employee does not see manager comments
  • Professional and Individual Goals: employee sees all added
  • Perf Eval Manager Overview: employee does not see manager comments
  • Supporting Docs: employee does not see any docs added by manager


If there are no further changes the employee or manager needs to make on their evaluation, click the Approve button at the bottom of the page.

HR Approval

Human Resources provides final review and approval before the manager meets with the employee. HR will review the entire evaluation for completeness, overall rating, and comments. The manager can schedule a tentative meeting date with the employee, but should not meet with the employee until after HR approves the evaluation.

Once HR approves, the task will appear in the manager’s inbox to “Schedule & Meet” with the employee.