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Wagtail Guide: Shops

Last updated on Sep 16, 2019

CCA's Shops and Services publishing system is a series of webpage templates designed to serve the different content needs of CCA's many shops while still providing a consistent user interface to the students, staff, and faculty who use them.

The system is based on a content management system called Wagtail, which was originally developed for London's Royal College of Art. Many aspects of working with Wagtail will be familiar or intuitive, but some training is required to use the system effectively.

Before diving into Shops-specific documentation, we recommend that you check out our general Wagtail guide, applicable to all Portal editors.

Key template components are listed below, categorized based on their primary or typical function for the Shop page. Follow each of the links to learn more!

Shop Page Content

Location, Access, and Contact Info

These are the information fields on Shop pages that will display where a shop is located, its open hours, and ways of contacting the shop.

Tagline, About Fields, and Image Gallery

How can a Shop page distinguish itself from another? By using the Tagline and About fields, Shop Managers can tell users a bit about the shop, then add Gallery Images to show shop facilities and equipment.

Managing Your Calendar

The Shop page supports a Google Calendar widget, which can be linked and maintained by a Shop Manager.

Shop Catalog Filters

Resource Type, Related Materials, and Programs

Because there are so many different shops at CCA, the Shop Catalog is important resource for the CCA community. Help folks quickly find your shop in catalog search results by specifying a broad category for your shop as well as noting relevant shop materials and associated academic programs.

Linked Content

Managers and Staff

Let students get to know who works at a shop by adding staff profiles with the Managers and Staff field!

Tools and Equipment

Choose from a list of materials that your shop specializes in, and link to Tool pages from other shops.

Resources and Social Media

Set up no differently from links on other Portal page types, the Shop page Resources field is where you can easily link to relevant pages either underneath your own shop page or elsewhere on Portal. Also available is the Social field, which allows you to link to shop-associated social media accounts.

News, Tools, Tutorial, FAQ, and Basic Pages

There are several types of child pages you can branch off of your Shop page in order to document information like upcoming announcements, the logistics of a shop tool, tutorials, answers to common questions, and detailed policies.