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Last updated on Sep 16, 2021

Ecological Practices Minor

Ano Nuevo, photo: Maggie Beasley


The Ecological Practices minor provides students the opportunity to meld environmental knowledge with studio practice as they develop and explore the possibilities of applying deep ecological understanding to their work as artists and designers. The minor takes students beyond popular familiarity with topics such as climate change, biodiversity, population, energy, and environmental justice, focusing on enabling them to meet their creative needs and advance their disciplines.

The minor in Ecological Practices allows students to augment their BA/BFA/BARCH degrees with coursework that develops scientific ecological knowledge, environmental humanities and social sciences, interdisciplinary studio practices, and ethical competencies.

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Finding Courses

Students: to browse Ecological Practices courses in Workday, open the Find CCA Course Sections report and select the course tag "MINOR :: ECO - Ecological Practices" and/or "MINOR :: ECO - Studio" in the Course Tag section of the left column.

You can also see courses at-a-glance here.


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