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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging: Campus Resources

Last updated on Sep 21, 2021

Cultivating Diversity at CCA

CCA has taken significant strides toward achieving our value-driven strategic goal of cultivating diversity.

  • CCA's entering class of students is more diverse than ever.
  • New student organizations geared toward meeting the needs of our diverse student population have launched

The college has hosted numerous events focusing on issues of social justice, equity, and diversity. The President's Diversity Steering Group (PDSG) has been hard at work implementing action plans for improving student and faculty recruitment and retention as well as training and development for staff, faculty, and students.

We hope everyone takes full advantage of the organizations and resources developed to support our community and promote diversity. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at

Campus Policies

Creating an environment that fosters the success and happiness of all our community members and values diversity and difference is everyone's responsibility. CCA maintains policies prohibiting discrimination and unlawful harassment (including hateful speech and graffiti).

Diversity + Inclusion Advocates

Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students staff serve as advocates for students. They are fully committed to enriching the college community by assisting in the creation of inclusive policies, processes, and programmatic initiatives.

Additionally, they serve on the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Task Force as a means of creating and implementing college-wide efforts, like trainings and workshops, for faculty, staff and students to enhance their knowledge in areas of interpersonal and intercultural awareness.

Below are some initiatives that have come out of collaborative efforts with the Office of the Dean of Students:

  • Diversity Scholarship Recipient Reception
  • CANVAS summer bridge program for Diversity Scholarship recipients
  • Diversity Mural Project in collaboration with Student Life and Critical Ethnic Studies
  • Lavender and Multicultural Commencement Ceremonies in collaboration with the Staff of Color Alliance, Alumni Association and the Office of Student Life
  • DiversityEdu course for staff & faculty

The Office of the Dean of Students is strategically situated within the Division of Student Affairs to build partnerships with departments that work directly with students. For continuity with the entire college community, beyond Student Affairs, the Office of the Dean of Students staff sit on the President’s Diversity Steering Group, along with constituents from all areas of the college.

Facts & Figures

Our diverse community intersects art, industry, and important issues to create work that matters. Learn about our community at a glance:

News, Events, & Information

President's Diversity Steering Group (PDSG)

The President’s Diversity Steering Group (PDSG) is composed of key faculty, staff, and students who are advocates for human rights and social justice, and who work together to guide the college's fulfillment of its diversity, equity, and inclusion mission and goals.


Diversity scholarships are awarded to qualified undergraduate and graduate admissions applicants who bring diverse experiences, ideas, and creative work to the CCA community.

Find out more about specific scholarship opportunities below:

Student Organizations

CCA's identity-based student organizations include:

  • Black Brilliance
  • CCA India
  • CCA Korean Students Association
  • KPOP Dance Club
  • Manos Abiertas
  • MyChina
  • NOMAS (National Organization for Minority Architects Student Chapter)
  • Students of Color Coalition

CCA encourages all students to join or create new student organizations, groups, or clubs. Participation provides valuable experience that can have a positive effect on a student's college years as well as their future professional and personal life.

Student Resources