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Get Oriented to CCA Tech

Last updated on Feb 14, 2024

Get Oriented to CCA Tech is your guide to all things related to academic technology on Portal. The information that was briefly covered in the new student tech orientation (software, hardware, training+support, and resources+services) will be covered in more depth here.


You will find access to student software for classroom use, such as Moodle, Mural, Panopto, Google Classroom, Zoom, and VoiceThread, as well as project-specific creative software, like Adobe, Autodesk, Rhino, and many other titles.

From Software you will find links to the following pages:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Students lists the Adobe products you have access to as a CCA student and instructions on the steps to take if you already have an Adobe account. You will also find a link to CCA Adobe Account Activation that details both app installation and account activation once you've received your email invitation from Adobe.
  • AppsAnywhere is CCA’s new software delivery method using an app store-like platform allowing student access to the college's software from any computer, anywhere.
  • Creative Software offers detailed step-by-step instructions to accessing software NOT yet available on AppsAnywhere. Additionally, there are best practice resources on backing up your computer and instructions on using GlobalProtect VPN for software access while off campus.

Program Technology Requirements

Program Technology Requirements outlines laptop specifications and external storage requirements by program. Please review your program's recommendations as some recommend purchasing two external drives (Film) or a drawing tablet such as a drawing tablet (Animation).

Training + Support

Information about our software coaching program, and other technology support services available to CCA students.

From Training + Support you will find links to the following pages:

  • Help Desk is CCA's one-stop shop for support, including CCA accounts, Google, Moodle, Workday, and Portal.
  • Technology Support offers computer purchasing advice, advanced troubleshooting, assistance installing software, and some hardware problems from our User Support specialists. Support is provided via email, Google Chat, phone, Zoom and on campus. To book an appointment contact the Help Desk by submitting a Help Desk Ticket, email, or 415-703-9560.

Resources + Services

Detailed information on connecting to CCA's WIFI, computer and classroom lab resources, and 2D print services on and off campus.

From Resources + Services you will find links to the following pages:

  • Computer Labs locations of the high-end computers available to all CCA students for graphic–intensive work. Our labs have iMacs running both Mac and Windows, scanners, black–and–white and color laser printers, and some have drawing tablets and specialty printers.

  • Computer Lab Software a list of installed software on classroom lab workstations. Some studio lab workstations may vary based on need or device specific software.

  • Remote access to software:
    • AppsAnywhere is CCA’s new software delivery method using an app store-like platform where faculty and students can access and use their software from any computer.
    • Cloud Lab is a set of networked computers that are located only in the "cloud" that students and faculty can access from their own devices. For more information see: Cloud Lab FAQ
    • Creative Software a directory of software resources for remote access to curriculum software and educational discounted software information.

  • Printing at CCA provides instructions for printing on campus from computer labs or from a laptop. Self-service speciality printing available in Digital Fine Arts Services (DFAS), Flatlab and large format and Risograph printing available on our San Francisco campus. Print Account Management offers detailed information on adding funds to PaperCut and links to your PaperCut account.
  • Remote Print Services details print services offered at ARC Document Solutions, CCA student prices, and instructions on using their on-line ordering portal.