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We are First-Gen @ CCA

Last updated on Jan 14, 2022


These are the stories of first-generation college students at CCA. We are students, faculty, and staff. We are complex, multifaceted, unique, strong, and an integral part of the CCA community. We are learning, influencing, and guiding along with our communities. Our stories are about vulnerability, pride, struggle, ease, and growth. We share our stories so we will be the first of many to graduate from college and pursue our dreams through a creative education. We share our stories to increase awareness of the first-gen experience and to celebrate the accomplishments of our community.

CCA's 2021 First Annual First Generation College Celebration was held on November 8 and was sponsored by the President's Diversity Steering Group and the Office of the Provost. Logo by Dylan Spangler, Graphic Design.

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Voy a ser artista y el mundo no está preparado.

Bryan Dominguez, Painting + Drawing Major and Undergraduate Advising Assistant

Click here to read Bryan's story.

Proving Myself

Robin Parks, Illustration Major and Senior Academic Coach

Click here to read Robin's story.

Echale Ganas

Yesenia Aguilar, CCA Alum, Individualized 2019

Click here to read Yesenia's story.

Use Every Resource You Can

Leonard Crosby, CCA Alum, MFA Creative Writing, Fiction

Click here to read Leonards's story.

Second Act

Rosa De Anda, CCA Alum, MFA Creative Writing, Fiction 2018

Click here to read Rosa's story.

We are here.

Tammy Rae Carland - Provost and Faculty Member

Click here to read Tammy Rae's story.

The Courage to Join: The Building Blocks of Self-Confidence and Discovery

Nancy Matsukawa, Advisor for Cultural Engagement / International Student Success

Click here to read Nancy's story.

The Story I was Never Told

Jeremy Khuth, Director of Residential Education

Click here to read Jeremy's story.

Never Supposed To Get This Far

Niko Bellott, Senior Director, Grants, Partnerships & Engagement

Click here to read Niko's story.

Make the Most of your Time at CCA

George Luis Sedano (he / him / él) - Vice President for Student Affairs

Click here to read George's story.

Her Dream

Fonda Yoshimoto-Reed - Director of Student Success

Click here to read Fonda's story.